Friday, May 10, 2013

Wrestling Schools and WWE

So, I was thinking about this the other day; with El Generico recently signed and other notable indie wrestling stars such as Sami Callahan and Adam Cole potentially getting signed by the WWE, they are all going to be sent to Florida so they can have some seasoning done to their work so they will be "WWE-ready".  It got me thinking, outside of Sin Cara, all of the WWE's signings have been sent down to Florida for seasoning.

The thing that got me thinking about it, all of those guys have been signed for a reason, they have talent, charisma and all that jazz.  But they're not trained in the WWE style.  Why?

There are tons of wrestling schools, many very good, a majority, not so much.  Of the good schools out there, why not go ahead and immediately prepare them for the WWE style?  Over the last few years there have been notable WWE released talent who could go out and open their own school.  The only one I know of, is Johnny Swinger and Rick Steiner opening one up here in the greater Atlanta area, which IMO would be one to at least check out because both have been in the big times as of recently, the only thing is they're new to the game and you can't tell how good because they haven't put out any talent yet to make their school noteworthy, but it would be one worth a shot.  They are in proximity of a good amount of Georgia independent wrestling organizations so one could get a lot of seasoning wrestling in front of crowds. 

I never trained myself, so I can't speak for myself, but I wonder if training in the WWE style then fixing it to the more risky indie style is easier than the other way around? 

But again, I'm suprised more schools don't attempt to train their students in a more grounded WWE style than they would in their own.  Especially for those talents whose end goal is to make it to the WWE, even if their chances are slim to none.

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