Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The 2013 A1 Cup

It completely slipped my mind to post about this earlier, but the 2013 A1 Cup is in full swing.  We discussed it on Episode 126 of The A1 Podcast: A Supernatural Visit.  If you are not aware of The A1 Cup here is the description from Zandrax, the A1 poster and podcast member who organizes the whole thing.

Even though I am getting this information out there late, there are still a ton of great match ups pending.  One of the toughest in the first round was Scott Hall vs Mick Foley.  Some general observations from me on the tournament:
  • Some guys are completely overvalued in a kayfabe tournament on that board such as the following
    •  Eddie Guerrero
    • William Regal
    • Rick Rude
  • I am completely OK with a "homer vote," but I choose to at least be honest about it.  For example, I voted for Michael PS Hayes over Harley Race.  Race rightfully won 7-3, but since Hayes is one of "my guys" I tossed him a vote.
  • I have a bias against former champions.  The idea of a repeat A1 Cup Champion does not appeal to me.  This is actually another reason I voted against Harley against Michael Hayes.  Race won the whole thing in 2011.  
  • The Benoit thing.  I won't vote for him...ever.  I often abstain from votes in general.  This is typically when there are two wrestlers such as those from Japan that I am unfamiliar with.  I will usually abstain from the Benoit contests until he runs up against someone he "deserves" to lose to. 
The most interesting aspect of the tournament is the criteria that people use to make their decisions and/or debate the matches.  The typical ones are talent, resume, best wins and most losses.  As I said in the past the tournament generates a ton of good discussion.  So head over to, get registered and get to voting in the Slugfest of Doom subsection of Geekville.

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