Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RAW Review: Sandow Sings

Decent episode of RAW last night, let's hit the highpoints.
  • Right out of the gate we get a promo with Cena, Ryback and Vickie.  Ryback's promo was a Ryback promo which I don't really mind.  Vickie did her part and John Cena did his typical amateur hour, bootleg The Rock comedy.  That, in large part, is why I hate John Cena.  Of note, Cena has his WWE Title belt personalized like The Rock did.  I see the Hustle, Loyalty, Respect hand signal, not sure if that's duplicated on the other plate.  That belt is really nice by the way.
  • The first highlight of the night was Damien Sandow's brilliant rendition of Randy Orton's theme song.  He gave it the Weird Al treatment and it was hilarious.  Nice match between the two as well.  Big Show sucker punching Orton and the announcement they will take on each other at Extreme Rules is a nice addition to their feud.
  • Second highlight was the end of the Ziggler/ADR match.  The match itself was good as you would expect, but the chaotic finish really ramped it up.  Big E Langston launching Del Rio at Jack Swagger who is sitting in a rolling chair at ringside was a great visual.  Swagger's brutal clotheslines and work with the ladder should be applauded as well.  This has been mentioned before, but I adore the visual of AJ clutching the World Heavyweight Title belt during Ziggler's matches.  It's a nice touch.
  • The much teased segment with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman "invading" WWE HQ was pretty good.  Was it over the top?  Yes.  Was it completely believable?  Of course not, but the interaction between the two really made it work.  What worked less well was Triple H's promo, but then again I rarely enjoy his promo work.  Also, did anyone else think there may have been some foreshadowing with Brock stopping and staring at the poster of The Rock?  May be wishful thinking on my part, but he seemed to linger when he saw that poster.
  • The Bella Twins' new outfits are amazing.
  • Did not care for the idea of US Champion, Kofi Kingston, teaming with The Usos against The Shield, but he came off looking really good.  The Shield still looks strong and that is also a good thing.  I mentioned it on Twitter last night, but I'd like to believe that the Big Bossman is the spiritual forefather of The Shield.  In all seriousness, it will be interesting to see where The Shield takes us.  All three guys could be huge stars.
  • It would appear that they may be serious about rebuilding Cesaro.  I never really bought into the pre-WrestleMania hype that Cesaro was buried and wouldn't make it, but it is nice to see a talented guy seemingly get an opportunity to do more.  Not crazy about his pre-match look, but that is a really minor thing.  
  • Best segment of the night award goes to Mark Henry and Sheamus.  Henry taking the Brogue Kick outside the ring looked nasty.  The receipt he gave Sheamus was even better.  Mark continues to project an intimidating aura better than just about anyone I can remember.  The crowd doing the tired "What?!" thing during his promo was ridiculous.  Below are some of his best moments during the whipping he delivered to Sheamus.
    • "TELL ME A JOKE!"
    • "I got enough whoopings for everybody."
  • The ongoing inclusion of The Shield in the Cena/Ryback scenario is interesting.  Daniel Bryan looked like a hero by coming to Kane's aid.  The way he looked at Ryback when he bailed was really cool too.  Cena's willingness to interject himself to aid Bryan and Kane worked perfectly as well.  While I'm still not really feeling the Cena/Ryback program that was a nice, effective chairshot that Ryback delivered and the crowd really seemed to react to it.  Quality heel work out of the big guy.
Ultimately a solid, but unspectacular episode of RAW. It may not have been one of the best I have ever seen, but there wasn't a ton of mind-numbingly bad stuff either. I really cannot complain too much about it to be honest.

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