Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Notes for the Wrestlespective podcast: Jake Roberts vs Sting at Halloween Havoc 92

Below are my notes I made while watching Halloween Havoc 92: Roberts vs Sting for the Wrestlespective podcast.  These are are just the raw notes for the main event itself.  A more in-depth writeup will be coming soon.

Halloween Havoc 92 Notes

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Sting--Coal Miners' Glove Match Match was unsanctioned Jake checking the poll, goes straight for it. Sting does the same.

Sting confuses Jake by going through ring. Weird spot.

Jake "injures" his shoulder awfully early in the match.

Jake won't rest until Sting is eliminated from the sport. Fun, old school type talk.

Jesse brings up an awesome point about whether the competitors would choose the glove when they spun the wheel to make the deal.

Pole adds nothing to the match.

The spots with the poll add drama, but make the other stuff odd.

JR putting over how vicious the steel post is works great here.

Jesse suggesting the glove may not play a role is interesting. They don't have to use the glove at all which is also an odd stip.

Sting looks sharp in the white tights.

Jesse and JR discuss the logic of the ref's actions since this is "unsanctioned." Good point and a reason it's stupid to bill the match this way.

Jake hurts himself delivering DDT.

Goes for the glove instead of the pin. Sting recovers fairly quickly. Cool spot where Sting runs down apron, swings around poll and elbows Jake.

Sting climbs poll, Cactus brings Jake a snake. Jake probably couldn't climb the poll.

Jake has a cobra he's prepared to use.

Sting hits Jake with the glove in the ribs and the cobra "bites" Jake. Sting gets the pin.

The whole thing is a bit of a mess.

Jake and Cactus going back down the aisle is a sight.

 Mick wearing a Halloween Havoc shirt.

Bruno suggests that the feud isn't over.

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