Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jim Ross on Curtis Axel

Jim Ross Tweeted about Curtis Axel earlier today.  The reason I share it here is that I think JR's opinion speaks to a big flaw in WWE's thinking.

That sounds completely reasonable upon first glance.  His response to the next Tweet kind of baffles me and I think this is what speaks to WWE's flawed logic.

Now I would agree that this is more than "a name change" considering JR mentioned Heyman's involvement which certainly cannot hurt. The fan who responded to him brings up an interesting point even if it is indirectly. WWE seems to think that they can simply choose to get someone over whenever they want. That is why we see guys debut, get pushed, start to get over, get de-pushed, treated poorly and then fail to get over in any meaningful way after that point. Jack Swagger is reasonably over now with his "Real American" gimmick and Zeb Colter being part of his act. He isn't all that over either though. I think in large part that has to do with being treated like a joke on RAW for so long. Jobbing to mid to undercard acts is not a recipe for helping a talent succeed. Michael McGillicutty being treated like dirt in his tag team with David Otunga isn't just going to disappear from the WWE Universe's minds because Paul Heyman speaks highly of him and he gets a new name.

Point is WWE needs to be more concerned with how they treat their talent onscreen. Treating them poorly for an extended period of time can seriously hurt later efforts to get those guys over.  Sometimes WWE can overcome this, but then again often they cannot.