Friday, May 17, 2013

FFA: Man of Steel (2013)

"Man of Steel" will be in theaters right at a month from now.  To say I am excited about it would be a vast understatement.  The reason for my excitement is two-fold really.  One, Superman is my favorite superhero by far.  Two, this movie looks like it gets Superman right.  Here is some evidence of that in the form of official trailer #3.

It could be the Superman fanboy in me, but that truly looks like it could be a fantastic comic book film. Many people find the character to be boring. While I understand that perspective due to his vast array of powers I think Superman is a fascinating character. The idea that someone can be so powerful and yet not be corrupted by that power is interesting. As a Christian there are definitely some parallels between the character, Moses and Jesus. Considering Superman is one of the best examples of an ultimate "good" character I do not find that offensive at all either.

The concern here is that "Superman Returns" also looked pretty good in the trailers. Aside from Routh playing a good Clark Kent and Kevin Spacey delivering as Lex Luthor there were a lot of problems with that film. Superman sacrificing himself was also a nice touch I will admit, but let's look at some of the issues:
  • Superman as a stalker? Nope. 
  • Superman leaving Earth for five years to go find Krypton? Absolutely not.  
  • Superson? Insanity. 
The new film does appear to touch on the struggles Clark faces when finding out the truth about his origin, but I feel it will embrace the "shining example" aspect of Supes and not try to make him just as flawed as the rest of us.  That's not what makes him tick.  He isn't like us, he is better.  He is the guy we would look up to in times of struggle.

One other minor complaint about the new film is that the perfect Superman theme will apparently not be used.  That decision boggles my mind although I understand the thought process.  It gave us one of the best scenes in Returns and that magic will be left out of what looks to be a great film.  It is a bummer, but not a showstopper.  

Another promising aspect is Michael Shannon as Zod.  While I really liked Kevin Spacey's Luthor a common criticism of Returns and some of the other films is the lack of a really good villain.  Specifically the lack of a physically imposing villain that would be able to go toe-to-toe with Superman.  Zod in "Man of Steel" certainly seems to fit that bill.  

As a bonus the Movie Masters figures look really cool. They look even better in the packaging. I mean look at that classic pose!

At this point I must admit that my expectations are so high I could be looking at a big disappointment in June.  Based on everything I have seen though I believe this film will deliver.  I certainly hope I am right.

Upload Credit: WarnerBrosPictures 


  1. I agree fully.

    To me another thing that makes him great was shown in an issue of Hitman where he told superman he's great BC he doesn't say he's Kryptonian-American or anything like that, he's just "I'm American I'm here to help" which I think is part of his international appeal, he honors his heritage but moves toward with where he's at. And is that beacon of light, when he's around you know there will always be hope

  2. I think one of the TV ads has an awesome shot of him hovering in front of the military. It is so cool and such a great Superman visual.