Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dean Ambrose gets a shot at the US Title

Photo Credit: Between the Turnbuckles

WWE recently announced that The Shield's Dean Ambrose will receive a shot at Kofi Kingston's US Title at Extreme Rules. Ignoring the obvious jokes about how he will be mistreated, I think this is an interesting development. They were sure to put over on commentary that this was the first time a member of The Shield challenged for a title.

Will he win it? I have no idea, but even going for the belt makes me wonder what the motivation will be. What reason will one of the "Hounds of Justice" give for wanting the US Title? I think it is important that Ambrose explains what the purpose of winning this title would be for The Shield.

Why? It is due to the way they are presented. They have a fairly defined goal which is to dish out their brand of justice in WWE. Now we do not always understand their specific motivations and logic, but that is their goal so far as I can tell. That makes the collective really interesting in my opinion. You never know when or where they will show up or who they will target. When they choose to explain their motivations, they have always delivered. That is why I am so curious about this challenge for the belt. If Ambrose wins it, I just want there to be an explanation for wanting the belt that puts Dean Ambrose, The Shield and the title itself over.

Considering how WWE has handled them so far, I am confident they will do right by them. I know that I "believe in The Shield."  Also a big believer in his Bus Driver! finishing move.  That thing is vicious looking.

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