Thursday, May 23, 2013

Curtis Axel

The most important thing about the debut of Curtis Axel is that the remix of his father's theme is...perfect.

Beyond that it is far too early to tell whether this will be a success or not.  Oddly enough a way too early poll has it at just about 50/50 on the guy.

Paul Heyman is an incredible talent who does all he can to get his Paul Heyman Guys over.  Axel himself is apparently held in high regard by guys like Triple H and The Rock.  It is amazing, but the thicker beard really improves his look a lot in my opinion.  It sounds silly I am sure, but little things often make big differences.  Heyman's introduction of him was solid and him getting in Triple H's face was good.  Not getting up from the slap left a lot to be desired though and the wonky ending of RAW didn't really help him.

As for the name, Heyman made a valiant effort to explain it and I think I will get used to it.  I understand the angst about people wanting to see him as Joe Hennig, but I completely understand why WWE insists on owning these names.  Paul Tweeted the following out which was really cool.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Axel is portrayed the next time he is on TV.

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