Saturday, April 27, 2013

WCW War Games DVD cover

WWE DVD News has the cover art for the upcoming War Games disc and it looks really cool.

Revealed: WCW War Games DVD Cover Art, WWE In Your House Blu-ray Photos

War Games is my absolute favorite match.  The idea of the brutality these men went through in this match really put it over for me.  The fact it ended only after a submission also helped get over the brutality.  I liked the team-based nature of it as well.  This is especially true when individuals were forced to team together in order to stop a mutual enemy.  When Eric Bischoff introduced the Elimination Chamber (which is also a really cool gimmick) I sincerely hoped it was going to be War Games.

This should be a good collection.  Check out the Amazon link for a full match list.

Thanks to Wredditor, trip62 for sharing this in the SquaredCircle subreddit. Toss him an upvote if you are also a Redditor.

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