Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two new WWE Legends Contracts

It appears at least two new wrestlers have signed WWE Legends contracts.  Per the linked Wrestling Classics thread they are Honky Tonk Man and Larry Zbyszko.

As noted in the thread the Honky Tonk Man one is interesting because he had apparently said he wouldn't sign a deal like this until his booking dried up.

The Zbyszko one is far more interesting though as I have read in the past (mostly on WCMB) that he fell out of favor with WWE after his legendary feud with Bruno Sammartino.  Larry was apparently on the infamous Vince McMahon "list."  There is some speculation that, for whatever reason, Vince seems to be in the mood to make nice with former "enemies."  I do not know if there is anything to that, but I am glad to see him at least be willing to do business with guys like Zbyszko.  It was interesting to see that Jim Ross said he was hanging out with Larry at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.  As a fan of wrestling figures I sure hope this means we will eventually get a Larry Zbyszko figure.  With the cancellation of the WWE Legends line it will be harder for guys like him to crack the lineups, but a Bruno Sammartino/Larry Zbyszko two-pack would be amazing.

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