Monday, April 22, 2013

The Rock: Done with wrestling?

There has been quite a bit of speculation about The Rock's future in wrestling. Other than talking about the injury itself, "The Great One" had not really addressed it so far as I had read. He recently discussed it with Peter Rosenberg and DOT NET has a recap of that interview here.  All quoted pieces below are from the DOT NET article linked above.  I have added my thoughts on the subjects as well.
WWE star The Rock was asked in an interview with Peter Rosenberg whether WrestleMania 29 was his final match. "Possibly," Rock said. "The goal three years ago was, sat down with Vince McMahon and strategized about it and talked about three WrestleManias back to back, boom, boom, boom, and building to this. I committed myself to the company.

"I was very proud of that moment. It didn't matter if I lost or did the job or not. It's was an honor to do the honors. And in the wrestling world, there is no better way to give back to the business...than to do the honors. I know there are a lot of fans who say it shouldn't have been done or it should have been someone else, that's not for me to say."
While I am no fan of John Cena, I have zero issue with the outcome of that match or the storyline itself. It made perfect sense to have Cena avenge his WrestleMania 28 loss. It made perfect sense to have The Rock win his big WrestleMania return in front of his hometown of Miami as well.
Rock was asked again whether it was his last match. "Possibly, I'm really not to sure. And I wouldn't rule it out. The plan this whole time was to go to Miami and then to create the biggest show of all time in the biggest market of all time in New York."
I'd say that WWE succeeded in that regard. As a fan of The Rock I really enjoyed the back and forth between him and Cena going back to the WrestleMania 27 build up.
Rock was asked whether there were plans for a rubber match between he and Cena. "The original plan was possibly Bock (Lesnar) and myself," Rock said. "That was the next thing that made sense to me because I love Brock and we've been friends for over a decade now and we could have great, athletic match. So that was the plan, but then when I tore the two tendons off my pelvis, then I had to fly home that day. We couldn't do what we wanted to do at Raw that day, so possibly, possibly with Brock down the road."
Personally, I never saw a need to have a rubber match between John Cena and The Rock. There really wasn't a satisfying way to book a third match in my opinion. The Rock vs Brock? Yeah, that would be cool.
Rock also addressed reports that he did not speak to Vince McMahon before leaving New York/New Jersey to be treated by a doctor in Miami. "That's so false," he said. "I talked to Vince that night when I was hurt that night. Vince (McMahon) came to my locker room at WrestleMania. Vince and Triple H by the way, and John Cena came and C.M. Punk came... It's easier and more salacious and more entertaining if "The Rock just left." That's now how I do business by the way."
FWIW, I first became aware of the interview via this WCMB thread.

Honestly, if The Rock really is done with pro-wrestling, I would have no issue with it. I am glad that he left "the right way" as opposed to what was being reported. Is it possible that his version of events is not 100% accurate? I suppose so, but I really doubt The Rock would go on the record like this if the rumors were true.

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