Friday, April 5, 2013

The History of Starrcade in 16 Tweets by @wrestlespective

If you are not following Jason Mann (@wrestlespective) on Twitter you are making a huge mistake.  The best example I can give of this is that you most likely missed the History of Starrcade in 16 Tweets.  Have no fear because I have compiled them for your reading pleasure.  The 140 character or less reviews of "The Granddaddy Of Them All" are quite entertaining.  I will add my take on a couple of these shows based on what I recall of them later on SAW.  I have not watched any of these in the last couple years at least.  Some I have not watched since I rented them at Key Video in Fayetteville, Georgia.

As for Jason Mann, here is what his Twitter bio says about him:
Podcast with deep and diverting conversation about pro wrestling, usually by delving into past WWE, WCW, TNA and ECW main events. Prone to tangents
Check out for PPV podcasts from the 1980s until today.  
Starrcade from 1983-1989

Starrcade from 1990-1999

Starrcade in the 2000s By the end of this WrestleMania weekend I should have my thoughts on some of the shows up here on South Atlanta Wrestling. For me analysis like this be sure to check out the podcasts on and Jason Mann (@wrestlespective) on Twitter.

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