Saturday, April 6, 2013

Starrcade Recollections

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As promised in the "The History of Starrcade in 16 Tweets..." post from yesterday I will be adding some of my memories and vague recollections about these shows.  Remember I have not seen many of these since the 80s and some I have never seen.

  • Starrcade 1983-1989
    • 1983--Flair and Race in the cage is the only match I remember.  I thought it was an excellent match, but my opinion could have been colored by its historical context.  
    • 1984--Don't believe I ever saw anything from that one.
    • 1985--One of my favorite matches of all-time.  Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard in the cage in an "I Quit" match.  Great brutality and drama.  I know I saw the main between Flair and Dusty, but I don't recall anything about it.
    • 1986--One of the iconic VHS covers with the "Night of the Skywalkers" scaffold match on it.  The scaffold match was incredible considering I was too young to realize how idiotic those are.  I seem to recall enjoying Flair's defense against Nikita Koloff as well.  The base of the scaffolding made for an interesting backdrop to the night's matches.  IIRC Dusty and Tully had a first blood match that was pretty cool.  The screwy ending really worked for me.
    • 1987--Doubt I ever saw any of this.  I remember being disappointed that Garvin lost because I wasn't old enough to realize there was no way he left as champion.
    • 1988--Don't know if I saw this one.  All the Flair/Luger matches run together.
    • 1989--Feel like I did see this one, but I have no specific recollection of it.
  • Starrcade 1990-1999
    •  1990--Black Scorpion angle completely fascinated me.  I believe I "watched" this one scrambled and heard that Flair was the Scorpion.  I did end up seeing the main or clips of it eventually though.
    • 1991 and 1992--I do not specifically remember anything about the Battlebowl Starrcades.  Doubt I saw them.  This would be around the time I thought I had "outgrown" wrestling.
    • 1993--Absolutely loved the Flair/Vader match.  Caught that one the WCW VHS that was retrospective on Ric Flair's career.
    • 1994--Sounded terrible, didn't see it.  The pre-nWo Hogan years were pretty brutal from what I recall.
    • 1995--Did not see this one, this would have been just before I got back into wrestling full-time.
    • 1996--The suspense of the main event was fantastic.  Only downside was that Piper's win did not give him the WCW Title for whatever idiotic reason.  It seems to me there was a good Outsiders/Faces of Fear title match on this card too.
    • 1997--Although Sting/Hogan was the most anticipated match I can think of, I don't believe I saw this one on PPV.  Of course the match did live up to the build with the moronic Nick Patrick "slow count" and Bret's involvement.  They needed to pay this epic build off much better and the failed.
    • 1998--Was this Goldberg getting the stun gun?  That's all I know about that one if it's even the right Starrcade.
    • 1999--Don't recall anything about it.  Based on Mann's description I believe I have seen some if it though. 
  • Starrcade in the 2000s
    • 2000--Doubt I ever saw any of of this.

Those are my vague recollections and memories of "The Granddaddy Of Them All."  I will have to do some research and see how accurate my memory is of some of these shows. 

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