Monday, April 15, 2013

Scott Hall on Bash at the Beach 96

DOT NET posted a recap of Scott Hall's appearance on "Inside the Ropes Radio." What caught my eye was Hall's perspective on the formation of the nWo at Bash at the Beach 96 and what Hall and Nash knew going into the event.
On what he and Kevin Nash knew the night of the Bash at the Beach 96:

"We had no idea who it was going to be. The whole third guy thing came up by accident. I remember Kev and I called Bret and I spoke to him, Kev spoke to him and we told him it was really fun working at WCW. It was really laid back, guaranteed money, it was easy. We were so used to being in a shark tank in New York. Coming to Atlanta was like being in a country club. It was really tame in the locker room in WCW compared to New York. We told Bret he should come down.

"Bischoff was interested, he was offering him a pretty sweet deal but Bret wasn’t interested. We wanted it to be Hulk, but Hulk had creative control in his contract so he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to do. We went to the ring, we hadn’t even met Hulk yet, I met him briefly at WrestleMania 9 but I didn’t know Hulk, we actually went to the ring in Daytona and Hogan wasn’t even there yet. He was on a jet, flying cross country from shooting a movie. Bischoff wanted it to be Hulk but before we went out, Bischoff told us 'If Hulk doesn't show, I’m gonna send out Sting.'"
I would be curious how the match layout would have changed in this scenario. Luger was the one who was actually stretchered out so Sting was already out there. I'm not trying to be too literal with Hall's words when he says, "I'm gonna send out Sting," but I do want to know how that would have been communicated.  More importantly I would be interested to know how the turn would have been executed had Sting been "the third man."  Assuming Hall is correct about all this it is amazing to think how close WCW may have been to missing out on the huge Hollywood Hogan turn that ignited the nWo angle and WCW.

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