Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RAW Review Tax Day 2013

This week's RAW certainly wasn't as great as the mind-numbingly excellent post-WrestleMania RAW.  I did enjoy the show, but there was a lot of WTF?! moments for me as well.
  • CM Punk "loses his smile"--Didn't really strike a chord with me.  Hopefully we get face Punk when he returns so long as they don't neuter him like his last face run.  Apparently he is dealing with some injuries so time off will hopefully let those heal.  Personally, I think it is good for everyone to get off TV from time-to-time.  Like they always say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
  • John Cena and Ryback deal with The Shield--They built the drama pretty well.  I did not believe Ryback would assist Cena, but they played it in such a way that I thought there was a chance he might.  The whole thing made perfect sense.  Even though Ryback hates The Shield, he got a measure of revenge on Cena for refusing to help.  
  • Fandango Revolution--They probably intentionally tried to kill the phenomenon because he is a heel, but this was a garbage segment.  Oddly enough a company that is obsessed with social media basically killed an organic social media phenomenon.  I don't get it, but whatever.  Fandango still has an opportunity to be something in WWE and that is a good thing.
  • Handicap match to open the show--It is well documented that I despise handicap matches.  They rarely serve a purpose unless it's a special attraction to get over a monster like Big Show or even Ryback.  This one was truly bizarre as you had two multi-time World and/or WWE Champions teamed up against Big Show.  The good news was that Randy Orton and Sheamus won.  The other good news is that each guy busted out something impressive during the match (Orton's top rope DDT and Sheamus with the impressive Electric Chair).  The issue is that this does nothing for anyone involved.  It doesn't really hurt Big Show at all, but what does the team of Orton and Sheamus get out of it?
  • Brock Lesnar destroys 3MB--This was a ton of fun. The crowd really dug it though which makes me wonder if it may have been more effective had the victim(s) been someone the WWE Universe actually likes.  The visual of Brock bobbing his head along with the "One more time!" chant was cool, but was that really what you wanted?  Sure, it shows that Brock's a monster, but it doesn't give you a reason to root against him.  Paul Heyman delivered another rock-solid promo.  The way he says, "my client BROCK LESNAR" is worth the price of admission alone.
  • Kofi vs Cesaro for the US Title--It's beyond redundant to point out how backward the booking of champions is in WWE.  Think about how much bigger a moment this could have been had a) Cesaro not been treated so badly as US Champion and b) if there was any reason to believe that Kofi's US Title run would actually mean something.    The issue isn't just about how secondary champions are booked.  It is really about how WWE neglects their midcard.  That will be a subject for a later day, but it makes zero sense.
  •  Dolph Ziggler as World Heavyweight Champion--I am not one of those guys who has been a huge Ziggler fan, but he looks the part of a World Heavyweight Champion.  His promo was better than I expected from him and the "cool story bro" was money.  
  • Ziggler vs Swagger with ADR's involvement--I am always in favor of Jack Swagger picking up victories, but having the challenger beat the champion in a non-title match is just about the laziest way to build contenders.  Why make your new WHC look bad?  I have no idea.  We seem to be hurtling towards a triple threat with these three for the WHC.  I'm down with that.
  • The Ryback Promo--I didn't think Ryback had it in him, but they hit a homerun with this promo in my opinion.  It gave an excellent explanation for why Ryback would turn on Cena.  The best line?  "...designing your latest t-shirt..."
  • Mark Henry attacks!--"THAT'S WHAT I DO!"  Anytime Mark Henry is causing destruction is a good time by me.
  • Team Rhodes Scholars--They are so money.  One little thing I really like is how Cody refers to Sandow as "my best friend."  It is just funny to me and just adds a little something to the tandem.
  • R-Truth vs Barrett--Good for R-Truth, but Wade Barrett and his title just continue to be irrelevant and that's a shame.
Now I know there were a couple of other matches, but I really like just hitting the issues I have an opinion about.  The tag champions are entertaining, but I am ready for them to drop the straps to a team like Team Rhodes Scholars or someone.  The Divas division?  Not my cup of tea.

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