Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RAW Review 4-29-2013

Not a particularly noteworthy episode of RAW this week.  There was some good, some bad and a lot of indifferent.
  • I have said before that I like a bit of variety in the layout of the show.  Opening with Alberto Del Rio's theme and starting with the triple threat match was a nice turn of events.  Due to how it was constructed the match wasn't anything special.  It was a fun match that allowed them to keep the feud going without burning out the interaction between Swagger/Ziggler and Del Rio.  
  • Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes was a really solid match.  The commentators deserve some credit too for bringing up their Legacy days together.  It's little things like that from announcers that make all the difference.  The superplex spot, the reversal to the Cross Rhodes and then the Disaster Kick to RKO were all nicely executed.  I really liked the in-ring post-match interview.  That style works for me.  Rhodes trying to blindside Orton and getting another RKO was a bit much though.
  • Make-a-Wish segment--Awesome job by WWE and John Cena there.  Nothing else really needs to be said.  I'm glad the crowd paid these children the respect they deserved too.
  • Ziggler vs Kofi--Really good match.  Still having a hard time dealing with how they choose to book secondary champions and Kofi Kingston specifically.  I do not care for throwaway champion vs champion matches either, but at least the match was exciting.
Honestly, nothing else really left much of an impression with me.  The crowd was solid without being self-indulgent.  That is always a nice touch.  The end segment with Ryback and Cena fell completely flat with me.  The staredown completely lacked heat and was just awkward.  This is especially true with the uncertainty surrounding Cena's injury.

It was a RAW that was completely uninspiring.  It was just kind of...there.  Good in-ring action for the most part, but nothing really stood out as a big deal to me.  

UPDATE:  Ray Sorrow's comment below reminds me that I neglected to mention The Shield. The Hounds of Justice have continued to look strong and that is an excellent thing.  I am really intrigued where they will go with them long term which is also an excellent thing.  


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about Ryback-Cena at the end of the show. This feud is doing absolutely nothing to intrigue me. I also feel the past few TV shows would be overall unwatchable if not for "The Shield." Those three have been the company MVP's since WrestleMania.

  2. I had to update my post because I inexplicably left out The Shield. They really are phenomenal.