Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RAW Review: 4-1-2013

Been a while since I did one of those, but since I sat and Live Tweeted the entire show on our Twitter feed (@S_ATL_Wrestling) I figured I could knock a RAW Review out here as well. Let's start with my overall impression of the show from Twitter last night.
That is about the only way I can describe it. The show as good, maybe even really good, but it just did not feel big enough to be the "go-home" WrestleMania RAW.

Let's go right ahead and delve into the most controversial segment which was Punk/Taker.  I was not a big fan of teasing an Undertaker promo for the entire show.  I really wasn't a big fan that it was essentially the main event of the show.  The segment did deliver a spectacle, I will give it that.  Was it the most tasteful thing I have ever seen?  No, but I do not feel that the user of Bearer's likeness was offensive.  I was surprised by them having Paul Heyman in a fat suit playing Bearer though.  Aside from Punk looking strong coming out of the segment, I also enjoyed the fact that Taker looked smart(er) by attacking the druids.  Had he just wandered down there and not thrown the first punch he would have looked like an idiot.  Absolute best moment was Punk taunting Undertaker by saying, "Sit up for me" during the beatdown. 

Brock Lesnar/Triple H/Shawn Michaels segment was effective in positioning Lesnar as a dangerous monster.  It just fell a touch flat considering it was the go-home episode though.  Major props to Paul Heyman who really brought a lot of life to that segment with his mic work.

 They continued to build some nice heat for the World Heavyweight Title match with the Del Rio/Colter "match."  Colter and Swagger really laid in those crutch shots on Alberto.  I am hoping that at WrestleMania the World Title will be coming to Jack Swagger's America.

Last but not least we had appearances by The Rock and John Cena.  Cena's promo was solid, but a bit long.  He brought good passion and avoided the annoying Cena humor which was a definite plus.  Had the promo been shorter I think it could have been a real homerun.  Credit Cena for not getting rattled by a really hostile crowd too.  The Rock's promo was nothing special, but served it's purpose. 

As for the rest of the show, it was really, really solid.  As stated before it was solid, but not spectacular.  Everything helped build towards the other matches: Fandango/Jericho, Team Hell No/Ziggler & Big E (who looked strong at the end of that segment), Miz/Barrett, Henry/Ryback and the big Intergender 8 Person Tag.

WrestleMania 29 is right around the corner and I cannot wait to see the show.  Like I've said before I think it will be "sneaky" good.  Most people don't seem too fired up for it, but I bet you it will deliver. 

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