Thursday, April 18, 2013

PWI Monthly Ratings Index

If you were anything like me in the 80s the highlight of a trip to any place with a magazine rack was flipping through Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) and the other wrestling mags.

As it related to PWI, there was always one place I flipped to first and that was the PWI Rankings.  I would pour over them and see who was moving up or down the rankings.  I would look for wrestlers that I had heard of (Stan Hansen, Larry Zbyszko) and see if they were listed anywhere.  I specifically recall being excited to see that Stan "The Lariat" Hansen had taken the AWA World Heavyweight Championship from Rick Martel for example.

Those days are long gone, but we can relive them to a certain degree as someone shared the following site on Wrestling Classics Message Board (WCMB) the other day:

This allows you to click through the old top 10 lists broken down by a month's issue and whichever list you want.  It is even setup in such a way that you can go directly to say, Tag Teams, instead of clicking the main link and scrolling up and down.

The Most Popular and Most Hated are really interesting to look at to get some historical perspective on who were top heels and faces nationwide at any given time.

If you are looking to relive those days at the magazine rack or are simply looking for some time to kill, I highly recommend the link above.

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