Thursday, March 14, 2013

Undertaker/Bearer/Punk segment on RAW

Not surprisingly there was one segment on RAW that generated some controversy.  If you did not see RAW, I have shared the segment below.  If you don't have the time to watch the segment at this point I will break it down in real basic terms.

The show started with the ring announcer, Justin Roberts, asking everyone to pay tribute to Paul Bearer (William Moody).  They showed the excellent video package that was on WWE's Official YouTube Channel.  Then the Undertaker made his entrance a paid his respects to the picture of Moody on the video screen.  It was a touching, fitting tribute to a man who absolutely lived for the business.  Much like wrestling weddings, this tribute did not go without a hitch.  CM Punk's music hit and he made his way to the top of the ramp.

Now the reaction to Punk's inclusion in the segment were quite varied.  Some felt it was an excellent way to get some heat on the Taker/Punk WrestleMania match.  Others felt that it was classless to use Moody's passing in such a way.  Where do I stand?  That's something I gave a lot of thought to.

My thoughts on this segment are that it was an excellent segment.  I'm not going to completely dismiss someone's opinion if they felt it was out of line, mind you.  I have also been on the side of, "That's just not appropriate" as well.  For example, I do not like it at all when they do the 10 bell salute in a storyline.  I find it disrespectful to those who have earned a legitimate memorial.  It also irritates me because I feel that is a moment that should be saved for "this is not part of the show" moments much like refs making the X symbol, etc.

Having said all that my sincere hope is that if we could ask him, Mr. Moody would appreciate being able to be "part of the show" one last time.  Rumor has it that his sons were at the arena for RAW so you would obviously hope/think that they gave their blessing on it.  As for the segment itself I will say my favorite part was Punk offering his condolences to the Undertaker...on his upcoming WrestleMania loss.  That's absolutely classic and yet another reason why CM Punk truly is the best in the world.

The segment is below if you did not get to see it on Monday's RAW.  Norko mentioned to me that there are some parallels to Monday's RAW and its tribute(s) to Paul Bearer/William Moody and Monday's Dallas and its tribute(s) to JR Ewing/Larry Hagman.  Instead of shoehorning it into this post, I think I will save that for another day. 

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube Channel