Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The State of South Atlanta Wrestling

Next week is not intended as a relaunch of South Atlanta Wrestling, but it will be an opportunity for me to renew my focus on it.

Let me explain why....

On March 1st I took a new job with a new organization. This has been nothing but a positive for me and my family. It is an opportunity that I was excited about and I'm still excited about it. That being said, the focus on the new job has negatively impacted my online presence. This is true for Facebook, Twitter, A1, Wrestling Classics and primarily South Atlanta Wrestling. it just so happens that. I have next week off so it is a prime time to refocus on this blog.

My plan is to continue with a similar recipe as before. The basic premise is to do "a man reacting to the online wrestling world," share some stories, thoughts, pics and random old matches. FFA (off-topic) posts will still be a part of SAW as well. Of course Norko will drop by with his thoughts from time to time as well.

Hopefully the renewed effort will be noticeable. We will see how it goes.

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