Saturday, March 30, 2013

Should the nWo be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame?

I put this hypothetical out there earlier today:
Now, there is another factor that muddies this question that I did not address in 140 characters. That is Hulk Hogan's current involvement with TNA Wrestling. For the sake of this discussion, we will assume that TNA and WWE will work out a Ric Flair/Horsemen induction deal for the Hulkster.

Like I said above, I'd definitely like to see this. Now that the Horsemen have been inducted as a collective (minus Ole Anderson unfortunately, yet understandably) I think this is the next stable that should go in.

The next question would be who all should go in. I've given that a bit of thought and came up with the following with the first three being the no-brainers:
  • "Hollywood" Hogan
  • "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash
  • Scott Hall
  • Sean Waltman (as Syxx)--This is a maybe in my book.  If you want to pay some respects to him, I think this is the perfect way to do it unless you're looking to do an DX induction down the road.
  • Ted Dibiase--Again, if you would like to give the "Million Dollar Man" another nice honor, you could put him in.  I figure they would only go with the first three, but Ted is a possibility.
The only other individual I even considered was Eric Bischoff, but although they worked together, I just don't see a great desire out of WWE to give him this kind of honor.  I could be wrong.  Ultimately, I believe if they inducted the nWo as a collective it would be Hogan and the Outsiders.  That is probably the right call too.

I would be curious to hear more thoughts on this.  I already got one response from @mjones99 on Twitter:

That was pretty amusing and left little room for misunderstanding on his position.

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