Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Dirty" Dick Slater in trouble with the law

The reason this situation gets covered here on SAW is that "Dirty" Dick Slater is one of my dad's favorite wrestlers.  I saw this in a variety of places including this WCMB thread and Jason Mann's Tweet below:

The Tampa Bay Fox 13 link in Mann's Tweet contains the mugshot below:

The odd thing is that much like the OP in that Wresling Classics thread, one of my first thoughts was, "Slater doesn't look as bad as I last saw him." The last time I saw Slater was at the 2011 NWA Legends Fanfest here in Atlanta. Here is a picture of him from that event courtesy Slam! Wrestling.

Credit: Michael Andrews
Judging by the mugshot it appears he is at least mobile again. The article does mention that Slater has struggled with painkiller issues, the high publicized (on the IWC at least) stabbing of his girlfriend and multiple arrests in Pinellas (5th since 2007).

As always, let's hope that "Dirty" Dick can get it turned around. It is always a shame to see these guys struggle like this during their time in the business or after.

UPDATE: The general premise of my post may be off here, WCMB poster Frogs just shared the following...
They did not use a recent mugshot in the article. In his mug shots last month and earlier this month he looks as you describe. I guess it makes better news to show the old one where he looks healthy.
Here is what appears to be his latest booking photo courtesy Arrests.orgFlorida Mug Shots Search /

Still looks better than the 2011 shot in my estimation.

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