Tuesday, March 12, 2013

AWA: Rick Martel and Nick Bockwinkle

I was watching the Spectacular Legacy of the AWA DVD and was reminded that Rick Martel had won the heavyweight title at some point.  And they had shown an interview with President Stanley Blackburn praising the match and how it was great.  What you didn't see afterwards was Rick's interview afterwards, where he goes out and praises his opponent Jumbo Tsuruta and was rudely interrupted by Bobby Heenan and former AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkle.

The reason I post this one in particular is to show how great Bockwinkle and Heenan are.  It really throws Martel under the bus.  They're out there asking for a shot and Martel, supposedly a fighting champion says it's up to the championship committee.  Just great in hindsight.

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