Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WWE 2K14

It has been rumored since THQ's assets were auctioned off, but now it's official. Take-Two has the WWE Games license. According to ESPN Playbook's Tech section you can prepare for WWE 2K14.

WWE, Take-Two agree to deal on 'WWE 2K'

In news that some will appreciate and others will bemoan, many of the same players will brought over to continue developing the new game.
As part of the five-year deal (financial terms were not disclosed), Take-Two has not only hired some of the key designers behind the WWE gaming franchise from THQ to work hand in hand with 2K Sports’ game design team at Visual Concepts, but has also agreed to bring back longtime WWE games developer Yukes from Japan to continue pushing ahead with the development of “WWE 14,” ensuring the new game will hit its fall 2013 release window.

“With Yukes, we have a lot of history, and we’ve been very happy with what Yukes has done in the past,” said Collins. “What we’re going to do moving forward is meld Yukes with the team at Visual Concepts, so we can have the best of both worlds. Having Yukes’ experience and then getting the Visual Concepts guys on board with them, we think this is going to be a dynamic duo.

“The THQ Fight Team is also being brought over, and they’ll report directly to Visual Concepts. Their experience in the marketing, their experience in the development, their experience with our franchise for years … we thought that it was very valuable to keep that continuity.”
In sort of related news (and I honestly don't recall where I read this) Bruno Sammartino has apparently stated he will be used in WWE video games. Maybe WWE 2K14 will be the debut for "The Living Legend."

Ultimately, I am just glad that our annual wrestling game is on its way without a long delay. I don't know what I would do without it.