Thursday, February 14, 2013

A1's take on the reimagined Horsemen

I don't always do this, but I enjoyed my Horsemen post enough to port it over to  Now I must admit that I am glad I did.  A really good discussion was generated from it from many of the regular A1 guys such as Chus-Kay, Zandrax, The_Spoiler, bryce and Niall in this Reimagining the Horsemen thread.

The guys brought up excellent points such as:
  • Too many big personalities in my incarnation.
  • Concerns about Bockwinkel's age.
  • Other options for the various roles.
  • Three of the four wrestlers having been world champions.
  • What made the original Horsemen great.
  • Whether the concept had run its course in 90's WCW.
That certainly isn't all, but it should give you a good idea of some of the excellent points discussed.  Of course I got involved in the discussion and thought it was really interesting.

If you are mark for the Horsemen, stables in general or even "What if?" scenarios, I think you should check out that thread.

Reimagining the Horsemen (90s Edition) certainly isn't far behind.  You've been warned.

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