Thursday, January 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday--June 2001

Our Throwback Thursday topic continues what was started on Wayback Wednesday, focusing on Diamond Dallas Page.  This time, his WWE debut.  WCW had just closed up shop, being bought out by the WWE and a lot of those guys were languishing, and the Invasion hadn't yet fully begun.  During this time The Undertaker (under his tough biker character) and his wife Sara were being stalked by a mysterious man.  And this was the revelation of who was that man stalking her...

What was great about it, if you notice the pop he initially gets when he takes off the mask, and then the boos as he continues to cut his promo about the Undertaker and why he did what he did.  It stinks that he got such a late start as a wrestling performer, spending much of his wrestling time as a manager, he was a great one and yesterday showed the potential he had, and today shows him living up to that potential.