Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Rock Concert

I was underwhelmed by the last Rock Concert back in March of 2012 despite some funny moments.  Last night's was much better.  I cringed a bit when they foreshadowed Vickie Guerrero's involvement.  Why?  Well I'm not a big fan of all the "Be a STAR" comments and criticisms as I think a lot of them are completely overblown, but I did feel that the fat jokes at Vickie's expense were in poor taste.  The Rock steered clear of that particular issue in his segment last night.  That was a good move in my opinion.  Now I know the IWC's feminists will cite his other insults as an issue and I can certainly appreciate that.  At the end of the day though Vickie Guerrero is, from what I can tell, a wonderful individual.  Vickie Guerrero's on-screen character, however, is not.  Due to this I really don't have an issue with The Rock "bullying" her or whatever.  From my perspective the humorous part of the segment came off pretty well.  Moving on to the serious...

What I like about The Rock and what I think makes him stand apart from John Cena is that he can flip a switch and deliver serious content.  To me, John Cena is never as funny as Rock and also doesn't come across as well when trying to be serious either.  He's ever corny or nothing seems to matter or he's far too serious to take seriously.  The Rock on the other hand can go from funny to irritated to angry to violent and back without coming across like he's trying too hard.

All-in-all, I thought it was a successful segment.  Definitely much better than last year's.  If I had the $$$$ I would probably get the Royal Rumble.  I am beyond fascinated by how Punk/Rock is going to end.