Friday, November 30, 2012

RIP Buddy Jack Roberts

As previously mentioned, SAW is saddened to hear of Buddy Jack Roberts' passing.  While most well-known as a member of the pioneering Fabulous Freebirds, he had a long distinguished career even before that.

This was covered in a recap I did of a Slam! Wrestling article back in 2011.  It was a fascinating read because they had a ton of great information about Buddy.

Looking back at his career now, I believe the quote below from a previous SAW article, sums it up pretty well.
Much like I didn't have the proper appreciation for Ole Anderson as a Horsemen as a kid, I did not properly understand how important Buddy Jack Roberts was as a Freebird.
 Rest in peace Buddy.  The ring has lost another legend.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

More later, but RIP Buddy Roberts

WWE: Buddy Roberts passes

I will be back later to post a proper entry about his passing.

Maven's Tough Enough trophy sold

No, Maven did not exactly decide to sell the trophy.  According to TMZ it was in a storage unit that Maven could no longer pay for and it was auctioned off like you might see on A&E's "Storage Wars."

The individual who won the locker then turned around and sold it to a collector for $600.  Not bad considering he got the whole locker for $100. 

Maven's take on the matter?
TMZ spoke to Maven … who admits he’s bummed about the situation … but hopes the new owner of his trophy “cherishes [it] as much as I did.”
No matter how often we hear it, I always hate to find out that these guys are dealing with these types of issues.  Whether he means it or not I also thought it was nice to hear him say that it meant something to him.  Why?  I don't really know.  It just did.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FFA: Catching up...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  As someone who gets the full week off, I certainly hope you got a little break from "the grind" as well.  The break was good to me and for me other than getting ill on Thursday night/Friday morning.  I was miserable all day Friday, but able to get up and eat a bit better by Saturday.

Anyhow, here are some thoughts about a variety of issues going on right now.


Still paying attention, but have not watched the shows as intently as I would like.  Didn't get enough sleep on Sunday so skipped RAW altogether to go to bed when we got home.  Only part of the show I saw as the end of the Kofi/Tensai match with Wade Barrett.  From what I've seen of it I enjoy the Barrett/Kofi feud. 

I hear the outsiders were given the name "The Shield" last night.  Their involvement in the Ryback/Punk feud has been refreshing, but I have not gotten to see their segment(s) from last night so I can't really speak to it yet.

WWE '13 is still worlds of fun.  I finally got my shows set and have really started playing Universe Mode.  The ability to set a match at either Quick, Normal or Epic on the fly is nice as it allows you to "book" your Universe the way you want.  If I want to have Bradshaw destroy some comedy act in the opening match on SmackDown, I set it to Quick and have a very short, dominating performance.  For my PPV main events I may decide it's time to have an Epic match.  This ability really improves the overall feel of the game.  Still waiting for DLC #2 to drop so I can get Ryback among others and the additional belts such as the AWA title and the WCW US title.  Sandow is in the last DLC pack unfortunately.

I would like to get back to posting random old matches more frequently, but there are a few issues.  One is that I am not going to toss content up just to post content.  The bigger issue is that if I don't have the time or inclination to watch the match I will be unable to provide any commentary on it.  That just doesn't work for me.


Obviously I am glad the Alabama Crimson Tide are playing for the SEC crown and the chance to win the BCS National title.  I am confident that BAMA will win although I think Georgia is better than I initially gave them credit for this year.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lex Luger on Hardcore Pawn

Thanks to the guys on WCMB for pointing this one out.

It's good to see "The Total Package" getting around as well as he does there considering his major health issues.

Upload Credit: truTVnetwork

Kaitlyn arrested at WWE event

TMZ has a story about Kaitlyn.  WWE Diva Kaitlyn was arrested at the SmackDown tapings in Michigan.

Why was she arrested?  An old speeding ticket.

The upside is she gave just about the most photogenic mugshot I have ever seen.

Click the link for the TMZ article to see the pic.

As for the status of this legal situation:
A short time later Kaitlyn -- real name Celeste Bonin -- was released on a $315 bond.

Kaitlyn released a statement to TMZ..saying, "During a previous visit to Michican, I was cited for a traffic violation. I am fully cooperating with authorities to resolve the matter."
Best of luck to her as she gets this embarrassing situation resolved.

William Regal's advice on becoming a pro-wrestler

Now I am in no position to give anyone advice about making it in the wrestling business considering my only connection to the business is as a diehard fan.  William Regal, however, has credentials that certainly make him a credible "advice giver."  Here is a link to his advice from his Twitter feed (@RealKingRegal).

Here is a small taste of how this piece starts.  I specifically share this because it's good advice for every field.
My tips on becoming a Pro Wrestler/Sports Entertainer:It takes a lot more work to being a WWE superstar than an few Pro Wrestling holds and throws. You must develop all your skills and that usually comes from help from more experienced pro's. I never had to be told to ask for help and guidance and never to this day stop working on my skills. Sitting round texting, playing games and whining will get you know where. No one owes you a living.
Like I said the above advice applies to whatever it is you want to do with your life.  I highly recommend reading the rest of his post especially if you are in the business or looking to get into the business.  It is linked below:

If you are looking for more advice from an informed source I would recommend taking a look at Lance Dreamer's Twitter feed (@lancedreamer) as well. #dreamer101 is how he shares his advice about being a pro and putting the PROFESSIONAL back in professional wrestling.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

David Otunga: Hostess admirer

Thanks to TMZ for sharing this....

Now that is a man who loves his sweets.  I hope Mr. Otunga paces himself.  The picture in the above link is priceless.  You have to respect a guy with a physique like that who loves junk food that much.  I can certainly can respect that.  The love of junk food that is.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cody Rhodes' injury

I did not catch Main Event, but read about the injury to Cody Rhodes.  An updated was shared over on WCMB and I thought I should pass it on.

That was a pretty rough bump and you can see from the clips they showed there that he is not right at all after it. Hopefully "The Dashing One" is back at it sooner rather than later. "Rhodes Scholars" is an entertaining tag team even though it seems like both could be doing so much more right now.

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

JBL on the Heart Attack Angle on RAW

There's been a lot said regarding the CM Punk/Paul Heyman/Jerry Lawler heartattack angle from RAW, and if you've heard episode 107 of the A1 Podcast (and if you haven't go listen, it has an epic rant from one of our panelists), you'll know that the angle has brought upon strong feelings about the angle.  David posted CM Punk's reaction to people's reaction to it, which, personally I found his reaction just classic.  But JBL has also posted his thoughts on the angle itself equating it to an angle he did with the late Eddie Guerrero:

"I've written a lot about Eddie Guerrero and I never get tired of talking about my friend, this is the 7th anniversary of his passing.

Eddie was a groomsman in my wedding and I did part of his eulogy at his funeral, we were good friends-I ...
really miss Eddie and so wish he were still around. We had so much fun together, and he meant more to my success than anyone.

The JBL character wasn't working and Eddie and Chavo Sr came up with the idea for the 'heart attack' of his mother on Mother's Day in his hometown of El Paso. I literally had a police escort out of town for my own safety that night, talk about heat.

This angle with CM Punk and Heyman faking a heart attack last night, I loved it-this is something Eddie would have loved also. People get worked up, and it is their choice to be offended by whatever they choose. I thought it was awesome, I just wish JBL could have done it!

Eddie did as much for me personally as he did professionally, he was a truly amazing guy.

The story of Chavo and Eddie getting into a heated argument backstage over the mother angle when Chavo started ribbing Eddie that Mrs Guerrero should take the clothesline was hilarious-it's just that no one saw it but me.

The match we had at Judgement Day set the attendance record at the Staples Center at the time, all off the heart attack angle. Again, if you are offended by the CM Punk story-it's your choice, but I got a guy wishing I was dead and several profanity filled Tweets over it. Really? Over a TV show, some have zero class when they can be keyboard warriors anonymously.

Also, the filming of Jerry as he was receiving medical care got some really nasty comments. If that was an NFL game or any event that had a ton of cameras around, do you think that a guy who has been told to film everything who has a camera on his shoulder would not film it. I thought it was all done very well and was one of the best Raws I have seen in some time.

I thought the welcome back of Jerry was great, I love Jerry and he is one of the best of all time. A true Hall of Famer. We share a birthday though his year is many decades ahead of me.

Here's highlights of the Judgement Day bloodbath, Eddie had to be taken to the hospital after this-I didn't realize at the time how much blood he was losing. Seeing the tape I am shocked.

I miss Eddie, would be great to have him around now after all these years and laugh and talk."

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lawler returns, WWE as tasteful as ever

While it was good to see "The King" return to the booth on RAW last night, I must admit I'm in the crowd that thought that it was handled in a tacky manner.

The video package that recapped his heart attack was equally poignant and unnecessary in my opinion.  TH of The Wrestling Blog mentioned it, but did you really need to see them using the paddles on Jerry Lawler?  I know I didn't.  Unfortunately for us that was not the questionable thing that aired last night.  In what was not a shocking turn of events, WWE made an angle out of Lawler's return.  I know it is a tradition as old as the industry itself, but sometimes it seems like we could just let a moment be what it is and not have the evil heel (CM Punk in this case) ruin it.

In and of itself, this would not be that big a deal.  The segment really went off the rails when Paul Heyman feigned a heart attack and was resuscitated by CM Punk in the ring.  Punk played it off well on his Twitter feed I might add, but it was still exceedingly tacky.

Many people will defend and have defended the segment by pointing out that Lawler himself was most likely fine with it.  While I respect that position, I don't think that necessarily gives WWE immunity from charges that the handling of "The King's" return was inappropriate.

Monday, November 12, 2012

CM Punk's Hell in a Cell entrance

I recorded this with my iPhone.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thoughts on Damien Sandow

Sandow is one of the best things to debut in WWE in a long time in my opinion. He plays the gimmick so well even if it is decidedly over-the-top. The promos are amusing and his disdain for the "unwashed masses" really comes through. His in-ring work is crisp and entertaining. The names of his signature and finishing moves are clever as well.
Even at that his Russian legsweep is a thing of beauty as he does that cool little roll through thing where he bounces back up to his feet.  Those knees that he used in his initial squash matches were vicious looking.  The whole initial presentation of Sandow was brilliant really.  He was the Intellectual Savior who could be goaded into losing his cool and physically destroying someone.  Then, after a moment of regaining his composure, he would go right back to his calmer demeanor.  I really enjoyed it.

I always say it's the little things and the two that come to mind for this character are the way he holds the microphone and..."You're welcome."

His team with Cody Rhodes is money and I certainly thing they would be an excellent choice to hold the straps at some point.  "Rhodes Scholars" even makes for a quality tag team name, certainly better than offerings such as "Team Hell No" and "Air Boom."

All-in-all, Sandow is a winner and I hope he is able to take that next step to the WWE elite.

Photo credit:

Another current Jake "The Snake" Roberts picture

This one is not as surreal as the other.

I wish I could honestly say I was more optimistic about how this was going to turn out. Jake looks to be getting into really good shape though. I hope they continue to have success with this.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jake Roberts working with DDP on a return to the ring

By now I am going to assume SAW readers have heard about DDP helping Jake Roberts in an attempt to a) get in shape and b) return to the ring.  Well, here is a photo showing Jake and Page together at DDP's house.  It is surreal.

Monday, November 5, 2012

WWE '13 Editable Spreadsheet

I was asked by a SAW reader to provide an editable version of the booking spreadsheet I posted last week for WWE '13. That link is below, let me know if it works.

The game is a blast, if you like the SmackDown/WWE series of games then this is a must-buy.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

RIP Brad Armstrong

Someone mentioned this on A1 so I headed over to DOT NET to find out what the deal was.
Pro wrestler Brad Armstrong (a/k/a Robert James) died on Thursday at age 51. The WWE website reports that he was found dead in his home. He had been being treated by a physician for an undisclosed medical issue.
It is always awful to hear about these guys passing away so young. I always thought Brad could have been utilized better than he was. His team with Tim Horner, The Lightning Express, was a lot of fun from what I recall. It is my understanding that he was a bigger deal probably right before I started watching wrestling. Either that or he was a bigger deal in a promotion that I did not get to see on TV. Anyhow, I remember being excited that Vince Russo was going to try to make him a star. That gave us Buzzkill and his run with the No Limit Soldiers.

Regardless, Brad was an excellent wrestler and thoughts and prayers are with his family in this trying time.