Thursday, August 30, 2012

FFA: College Football 2012

Last night a friend posted something similar to the following on their Facebook page:
Tonight is like Christmas Eve for grown men.
That man hit the nail on the head.  Tonight is our first taste of college football.  To get this season started off right, I will share my favorite BAMA hype video of all time.

Only two words will suffice after watching that....ROLL TIDE!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gimmick idea: Southern Frat Boy

Part of the reason I post this is I'm curious how many people are using this or a similar gimmick around the Southeast.

The general idea is some combination of the following elements:
  • Stereotypical Southern football fan, frat boy look
    • BAMA bangs
    • Boat shoes or sandals
    • Seersucker shorts or pants
    • Polo-style shirt
    • Guy Harvey shirts
    • Columbia Sportswear shirt
  • Would probably work better as a manager
I would think with certain crowds in the Southeast just looking at this "kid" would get them fired up.  Obviously, the guy would have a certain smugness, if not out and out arrogance.  You could give him the stereotypical "sorostitute" as well.

Crowds in rural areas especially would hate this guy from the jump.  To really ramp it up, you have to give him one of those "Old South" names that the old money down south might give their kid.

This would be entertaining in my opinion. Like I mentioned before does anyone know of a guy currently working this gimmick?  If so, I would love to see some of his work.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling's Man Under the Sheet payoff

Unfortunately, I have not seen much Smoky Mountain Wrestling, but Magnum GA on WCMB posted this clip and it lived up to the hype. 

Not surprisingly Arn Anderson delivered a quality promo. The way he focused on the idea that "somebody was going to get hurt" and that his pairing with the RNR Express was a big deal really hit the mark. As tired as I am of Jim Cornette's antics online, in interviews, etc. I must say his reaction was priceless. It ramped up the idea that this was a huge moment as well. You have to give credit to the promotion for delivering such a cool mystery partner. We know surprises in wrestling often don't turn out to be as exciting as they are built to be.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nash says Punk will carry on nWo legacy

About a month ago Kevin Nash Tweeted something that caught my eye. I started a post here, but never finished it. As I am doing some housekeeping, I thought it might be time to discuss this. Let's start with the Tweet in question:
This is interesting to me for a couple of reasons. The first thing that struck me was that it is a blatant attempt at staying relevant by attaching the nWo gimmick to one of the top acts in wrestling right now. Oddly enough, it is kind of like what Hulk Hogan did when he became the third man in the team with the Outsiders and the nWo was born.

Second, Nash actually has a point. It sounds silly at first, but if you were to try to identify a current worker that embodies the anti-authority, rebel aspect of the nWo it certainly would be CM Punk. That was the type of character that many of us were hoping for when WWE's Summer of Punk kicked off after The Pipe Bomb.

Lastly, I ultimately agree that it is time for the nWo concept to die. That being said I can understand why Big Kev posted what he did. Was it self-serving? Of course, did it make some sense? Absolutely.

NGWA Review for August 25th, 2012

 North Georgia Wrestling Alliance
Review for August 25th, 2012

As noted on the SAW Facebook page I thoroughly enjoyed another Saturday night of NGWA wrestling in Canton, GA. Before I even get to the matches, I have to say that we were all impressed with the crowd. They were vocal all night long and it made for a good atmosphere in the building. Now, let's take a look at the matches themselves from the opening match all the way to our semi-main and main event.
  • Thomas Shock vs Justin Overstreet--Shock got the crowd riled up early with some Zbyszko-esque stalling and by refusing the fans their "5 more minutes."  The crowd was solidly behind Overstreet, but they got a time limit draw.  Overstreet was willing to continue, but Shock wasn't having it.
  • "The Best" Lamar Phillips vs Stanley Summerville--Lamar Phillips made his case once again for why he is "The Best EVER" with a win over a game Stanley Summerville.
  • Michael Cross vs Seth Cruise--After CC Develine paid tribute to Ken Timbs and "Nightmare" Ted Allen, Michael Cross interrupted the festivities.  Fortunately, Seth Cruise taught him a lesson in respect.
  • "Marvelous" Marko Polo vs Antwon Jordan--Athleticism abounded as "Marvelous" Marko Polo irritated the crowd and got a win against Antwon Jordan.  Marko has an impressive look and he wasn't shy about flaunting it to the Canton crowd. 
  • Chris Nelms/Alex Brock vs "Epic" Zane Stevens/Jason Blackman--Things got a little crazy here with a couple of planchas to the outside.  Nelms and Brock took the win, but the wildest part was when "Epic" Zane Stevens decided that Blackman should pay for their loss.  The production team wasn't even prepared for it as they missed the superkick, but caught the beating that Stevens laid on his former partner.
  • Stunt Marshall vs Chris Ganser--Stunt's partner, CJ Awesome, pushed the crowd's buttons like never before.  After some tense moments the action got underway with Stunt and Ganser putting on a show.  Ultimately, the crowd favorite Chris Ganser got the win much to the crowd's delight.
  • Ox Madison vs MurderOne--Ox showed how he got the name, but MurderOne overcame.  The crowd was solidly behind the victorious MurderOne. 
  • CJ Awesome vs "WildChild" Joey Kidman--In our main event there were two questions.  One was how much more of CJ Awesome the crowd would tolerate.  Two was whether "WildChild" could avenge his loss at last month's show.  For a while it was looking good for Kidman, but Awesome used his wits to help get Kidman disqualified for using a foreign object.  The problem was that the object was brought in play by Awesome.  Kidman certainly was not happy and neither was the crowd, but after losing his composure a bit "WildChild" vowed, "I'll be back!'
All-in-all, a great night of action in front of a hot crowd.  You really can't ask for much more out of a wrestling show.  From what I can tell, things will only get better with this outfit.  Can't wait to see where it goes.

If you are interested in North Georgia Wrestling Alliance be sure to check out the NGWA Fan Page on Facebook.  Some videos have already been posted.  More videos and pictures will be coming to that page as well as to South Atlanta Wrestling over the next week or so.

Next show is Saturday, September 29th at the Buffington Elementary School Gym in Canton, GA.  If you are in the area and want to see some quality PROFESSIONAL wrestling, I highly recommend you make the trip.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Slam!: Original WWWF title found in attic

Once again, thanks to the guys on WCMB I found the following article on SLAM! Wrestling written by Greg Oliver.

A major piece of wrestling history was recently discovered: The title belt that Buddy Rogers dropped to Bruno Sammartino to start off the World Wide Wrestling Federation in May 1963.
It was in Johnny Barend's attic.
The article alludes to this, but it does make you wonder how many other fascinating relics are stashed away in places like this.

Here's a shot of the belt in question from the article.

So, what does the future hold for this piece of wrestling history? In the long run, it is unclear but here are Millican's plans for now.
For the immediate future, Millican is going to put the belts in his safe, and plans to "dig up what I can find in way of old film or old photos."

"This was from an era when even Buddy probably didn't think the belt was worth very much," said Millican.

Fortunately, it is now in the hands of someone who thinks otherwise.
Like I said, this is a really cool find.

Photo Credit: SLAM! Wrestling

Friday, August 24, 2012

North Georgia Wrestling Alliance (August 25th, 2012)

The South Atlanta Boys had a great time in Canton, GA last month. I don't expect for the story to be any different this time. "WildChild" Joey Kidman is in your main event against CJ Awesome. "The Best" Lamar Phillips, Stunt Marshall and crowd favorite CC Develine among others will also be appearing.

Like I said after the last show, if you want to see quality PROFESSIONAL wrestling and are near Canton, Georgia I highly recommend you come on over. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed. I sure wasn't.

The Return of IT'S FRIDAY!

My day job has been keeping me from giving SAW the attention it deserves. That is why it's time to bring back "It's Friday!" This song has been stuck in my head off and on since the PTP debuted. I love their whole gimmick to be honest.

Anyhow, I hope everyone finishes their week strong.

Also, college football is almost here, ROLL TIDE!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A1 Podcast: Episode 94

It was once again my pleasure to do a guest spot on the A1 Podcast.  The A1 Podcast Crew reviewed Prime Wrestling's Wrestlelution 5, Monday's RAW and WWE SummerSlam.

As always, I had a great time.  My "Brief RAW Review is actually contained in the podcast, but here is a couple of thoughts on the show:
  • Brock and Heyman, especially Heyman, delivered in the opening segment.
  • Brock leaving WWE via a Tout was odd and didn't really flow with the show.
  • CM Punk's interaction with Lawler, Cena and then Lawler again was really good.  I certainly hope it's a glimpse of the type of CM Punk we are going to get.
  • John Cena brought a lot to the Punk segment.
  • The Triple H stuff was well-produced and almost made me care that he had his "retirement" moment.  Obviously, it was pushed in such a way that I can only assume he'll be back and better than ever.
  • One quick SummerSlam thought was that while the title match should typically go on last there are always exceptions to every rule. As much as Triple H does nothing for me, I had no issue with him and Brock closing the show.
The A1 Podcast is a weekly show, if you like wrestling and pop culture I highly recommend it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

WWE '13 Full Roster Revealed

In what is becoming a cool tradition, THQ revealed the entire WWE '13 roster at SummerSlam's Axxess event.

Here is the official roster reveal video from THQ.  Their YouTube channel can be found at WWEGames.

I am a big fan of assembling ADR/JBL and Big Bossman in a stable. I'm not sure who I will fill it out with, but there probably needs to be a couple of more individuals added as a tag team. Credit goes to @mjones99 for suggesting adding ADR to the JBL/Bossman stable I proposed. The Attitude Era focus did not really excite me at first, but the roster is stocked. Glad to see the Road Warriors in there again. Also Damien Sandow is the first announced DLC for WWE '13. "You're welcome."

If you don't want to watch the video, DOT NET has the list as well.  

Upload Credit: WWEGames

Saturday, August 18, 2012

WithLeather: WWF Legends Minimalist Posters

Brandon Stroud over at WithLeather posted these incredible WWF Legends Minimalist Posters. These things would be brilliant on shirts.

The artist is known as BAMItsBernie and his Etsy shop is here.

They are all solid, but my favorite is this one right here:

They snack on danger and dine on death.
They have all the usual suspects and I really like all of them. I think making a big poster of all of them would look pretty cool. The LOD one is clearly my favorite, but I think you have to give points to the Andre the Giant one due to his nipple.

As a huge WCW fan, I would love to see more of these from the NWA/JCP era through the Monday Night Wars and all the way up until the final days when Booker T and Big Poppa Pump were still delivering on top of the card.

Photo Credit: WithLeather

Friday, August 17, 2012

Brief RAW Review (8-13-2012)

RAW was a pretty good show this week.  Let's take a quick look at what I thought worked and what didn't.
  • Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar--The pairing added a chaotic aspect to the angle.  Portraying Brock as a loose cannon that Heyman couldn't even control was solid.  Heyman did good work with his role as well.  Of course Heyman doin' work isn't a surprise.
  • Lesnar/Triple H angle overall--The stuff with HBK was lame.  This is especially true with Heyman cutting Shawn off in the garage and the off-camera attack.  As much as I enjoy Lesnar and Heyman, I just cannot get into this angle.  Triple H bores me and the addition of Stephanie really hurt it.  The incessant recaps aren't helping either.
  • Damien Sandow--This guy is money.  As we often joke on A1, "Just give him all the belts."  I hope WWE really gets behind him and furthers his exposure.
  • WWE Title feud--This should be the centerpiece of the show.  All three guys are entertaining (even Cena) and I'm still excited about Punk's new direction.
  • Piper's Pit--Piper had an off night, but the confrontation between Miz, Ziggler and Jericho was fun.  The match was excellent as well.
  • Tensai--So he attacks Sakamoto again and I still do not care...again.  As I have said repeatedly, they need to repackage Tensai desperately.
That is all that really stood out from RAW.  I am interested in how SummerSlam turns out and certainly hope that Punk is left standing tall with his WWE Title.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A1 Podcast: Episode 93

It was my privilege to do another guest spot on the A1 Podcast.  We had a packed show with Joe Dombrowski previewing Prime Wrestling's Wrestlelution 5 and none other than Jimmy Rave talking about general booking principles, his time with Rampage Wrestling and more.

I really had a great time and hope you enjoy the show.  This was the "Booking SAW" related project that was hinted at by us over the last week or so.

The A1 Podcast is a weekly show, if you like wrestling and pop culture I highly recommend it.

Norko's preview does the show more justice so here is that if you need another reason to give it a listen.
Joined by guest panelist FreebirdSTF, a BIG show this week, we talk to Joe Dombrowski previewing Prime Wrestling's Wrestlelution 5 this Sunday on iPPV. And our Prime Cut topic is booking and we have a special guest, former TNA, ROH, NWA Wildside wrestler Jimmy Rave to talk booking and indie wrestling. All that and so much more, you're not gonna wanna miss this one!!!!
Special thanks go out again to our very special guests, Joe Dombrowski and Jimmy Rave.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Update on new WWE Championship belt

DOT NET posted a recap from of CM Punk's Wizard World Q&A.
CM Punk talked about a new design for the WWE Championship title. I think he said it’s coming soon and it will be something he helped create. He teased that it could happen at SummerSlam or maybe at the next Pay-Per-View after SummerSlam which is in Boston, John Cena’s hometown.
By now, my thoughts on the Spinner title are well-documented.  I am glad that the change is apparently imminent because that is an atrocious looking belt.  If the belt is replaced as part of CM Punk heeling on John Cena then I am even more excited about it. 
The whole recap is worth a look as Punk talks about Nash's Grantland take, a possible submission match with Daniel Bryan, wrestling Stone Cold and more.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

JBL talks about his fallaway slam

John Layfield is one of the most fascinating guys in the business to me. I don't know what it is, but I really enjoy the way he "talks shop" on his Facebook page and Twitter (@JCLayfield).
Heard some comments recently about the 'fallaway slam" I used. I was using this before I came to WWE, I had copied it from someone I had met in Japan-can't remember who. However, when I came to WWE Scott Hall was using it and it was one of his 'signature moves', so out of respect for Scott I never used it till he left.

We actually referred to it as the 'sack of S$@t' and the tope rope fallaway as the 'super sack of s@#t".

I see it used now by others, cool. I didn't own it and I didn't create it, very little was created in this business so theft is common-but it isn't really theft if the guy is gone, which I am and Scott was when I started using it.

I remember the pump handle slam I did, I got it from Scott Steiner, and Road Dogg asked if he could use it for a finish, which of course I agreed. That's how things work.

So when Alberto Del Rio steals my gimmick, got no problem with it-I stole it from Ted Dibiase and JR Ewing. Even George Wagner stole things and maybe his whole gimmick-look that one up on 'Gorgeous George' and Danny McShane (sp?).

Great business, glad to be a part.

Smackdown commentator job? I got mountains to climb first for my kids I work with, but 'never say never'.
To me, it is great to hear a guy like him discuss the ideas of "theft" and recycling gimmicks, etc. It gives the fans an interesting peek behind the curtain and in this day and age I think that's a great thing.

That being said, another interesting aspect is how likable Layfield comes across due to his bully reputation.  I certainly do not endorse some of the things he has been accused of while in the business, but you do not get a hint of that from him now.

Also, any typos in the quoted text are courtesy of Mr. Layfield.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

FFA: Christian Taylor, Olympic gold medalist

Christian Taylor, the Olympic gold medalist in the Triple Jump competition is a graduate of Sandy Creek High School. SCHS is where Norko and I graduated from back in 1996.For that reason, Mr. Taylor gets a mention on South Atlanta Wrestling.

Congratulations to Christian Taylor on this prestigious accomplishment, Sandy Creek High School is certainly proud of him.

Wiki: Taylor at the 2011 World Championships Athletics in Daegu.

Upload Credit: Wikipedia

Randy Orton's RKO List

Randy Orton posted on Twitter last night a list of the 100+ people he has delivered the RKO to.  Apparently a friend of his helped him compile the list and I thought it was interesting to look at.

Here is the conversation from Orton's Twitter feed @RandyOrton

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Booking SAW....coming soon

In association with the A1 Podcast, which, yours truly is the host of, we will be having an interview with a pro wrestler who as of about a month ago, was also a booker with success.  I cannot get into details now, but, for fans who like to book post-shows and like to fantasy book, this will be a must listen so that fans can understand the process into booking, and various ideas, which you've read my boy's accounts here.  Now you can possibly hear another perspective. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jim Ross on Kevin Nash's Grantland take

As you have most likely heard by now, Kevin Nash said the following in a Grantland piece.
"When Benoit and Guerrero hugged [at the end of WrestleMania XX], that was the end of the business," he says. "Has business been the same since that WrestleMania? Has it come close to the Austin era? Has it come close to the nWo or the Hogan era?
Big Kev went on to make an analogy that I am not even going to tackle here (although TH did over at TWB).  Upon reading this I wondered what some of the respected voices in the business might say about it.  Where does Jim Ross, for example, stand on Kevin Nash's controversial comments?  I think this part of his response probably cuts to the heart of the matter best:
I'm an old school guy who thinks that wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes and that the final, final decree on how well said talents produce is ultimately left up to the consumer aka the fans.

Lots of sub six feet tall athletes have been huge box office draws in the biz over the years. There are too many to mention here.
That is how I see it as well. There is no one right way to be a wrestling star in my opinion. Beyond that, the industry would be boring if we only had bodybuilder types, small athletic types or whatever. They say that variety is the spice of life and I think that is especially true in the wrestling industry.  There is no one right way that a wrestler should look, promo, behave or anything.  From my perspective as a fan, it is all about what works for that guy.  I am not a huge fan of Santino, but it is undeniable that he makes that gimmick work. Randy Orton could not pull that off, but he is excellent in his role.  That contrast in styles makes the product more entertaining and is necessary in my opinion.

You can check out the rest of Good Ol' JR's take at JR's Place (

The Grantland piece that Nash's original comments came from is linked here as well for your convenience (Kevin Nash's Next Angle).

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CM Punk: Best in the World trailer

This set will be an absolute must-buy for me. What makes it even more interesting from my standpoint is that I was a guy who only became familiar with CM Punk after he arrived in WWE. It will be interesting to see what Punk has to say about himself. It will also be interesting to see what some of those in WWE thought about him behind-the-scenes. It is a great trailer and I certainly believe the set will live up to the hype.

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube channel

Monday, August 6, 2012

SAW Profile: Ray Sorrow

Marvel's Loki: Ray Sorrow's Blogger Avatar
Name: Ray Sorrow

Brief bio:  Currently resides in Thomaston, GA which is 90 minutes south of Atlanta.  Incidentally that puts Ray about 36 miles southeast of Senoia, where SAW is based.  Much like me is a native Georgian who has never lived outside the state.  He is married with “two wonderful children” as well.

Interests:  NFL (New England Patriots fan), Marvel comics, horror movies, graphic novels, reading, writing “and all things paranormal.”

Favorite wrestlers:  “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (all-time) and Daniel Bryan (current) with CM Punk being right there.

Favorite move:  AJ Styles’ over the top rope shooting star press to the outside of the ring.  “Just amazing!”

Favorite sequence:  The Randy Orton/Evan Bourne shooting star press into an RKO

Favorite promo:  CM Punk’s Pipe Bomb!

Favorite themes:  CM Punk’s “This Fire Burns,” Randy Orton’s “Voices,” and Dolph Ziggler’s “Here to Show the World.”

How did you become a wrestling fan?  Ray had a very touching story about what made him a fan.  I will share his words as-is because I would not do it justice.

“I sort of inherited being a wrestling fan. It was always on TV as I grew up, usually WCW on TBS every Saturday night at 6:05PM, but my dad pretty much watched any wrestling he could find, either syndicated, on cable, or on VHS cassettes he borrowed from friends. I became a fan myself after watching the exploits of Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen. As he was constantly surrounded by beautiful women and his friends, I thought Ric Flair was just about the coolest guy I had ever seen, with his long hair and elaborate robes. For some reason I sort of supported the "bad guys." I especially enjoyed the Midnight Express in those days. Not long after I started going to the old Omni to see the monthly shows with my Dad, he passed away from cancer. Since his death, my love for wrestling has grown, and it serves as a constant reminder of when he was here.”

Which era do you like most?  “From a pure-wrestling standpoint however, I LOVED the Smackdown! brand from like, the Fall of 2002 until the beginning of 2004. I'd day that was my favorite time period, though I'm not sure it qualifies as an era.”  Ray did add that the Monday Night Wars was a great time due to the explosion of publicity for wrestling in TV Guide, Playboy, MTV, etc.  The Benoit tragedy pushed him away from the business a bit as it did many of us, but he also enjoys the current product.

What he likes about the current era:  “I like that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have feuded over one of the company's top titles for a couple of months, I like the AJ story, I like Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Christian, and Randy Orton too. Outside of like, The Great Khali and most of the things Santino does, there isn't a whole lot of talent that WWE features regularly right now that I just can't stand watching. Sure, the titles should be more important, and Cena shouldn't headline every show, and the General Manager thing has run its course, but overall, it's fun to watch wrestling on Monday and Friday nights.”

General booking philosophy: “I figure the promoters/writers know better than me, but I do get angry at things I find unproductive or idiotic (like Natalya's recent farting gimmick and the Vince McMahon kiss my ass club). The one piece of advice I would offer to any booker (especially Mr. McMahon) is ... don't try to keep ANYONE from getting over at ANY time!!! If the fans are behind a wrestler, who cares WHY they're behind them, or HOW the wrestler got their support, or how many dues they have or haven't paid. The main objective is to generate revenue, and by failing to push people that fans want to see pushed, you are only hurting your own business.”

Got any fantasy booking ideas?  “Brock Lesnar faces Triple H at Summer Slam with Hunter's COO position on the line. Brock wins, and Paul Heyman becomes WWE COO until WrestleMania. He decides when and who Brock competes against in the future, and makes all kinds of interesting decisions to frustrate the WWE Board. Since Brock can't work many dates, I'd turn CM Punk heel and align Punk with Heyman. The motive for Punk's heel turn would be that Heyman pointed out to Punk the fact that he has been WWE Heavyweight champion all year, and hasn't headlined a single pay-per-view. I'd have Punk lash out at WWE for failing to truly usher in the "change" he called for last Summer, while insisting that the only obvious way to work a main event in a WWE run by HHH is by wrestling either HHH or John Cena. Of course, this would lead to an immediate Punk-Cena feud, and Punk could even defeat HHH somewhere along the way to facing The Rock at WrestleMania next year in the main event. I think a heel stable would benefit WWE tremendously right now, and with Punk and Heyman at the head of such a stable, superstars such as the underutilized Zack Ryder, Tyson Kidd, or even the returning Miz could fit-in to the group and the story-line easily and logically.”

Thanks again to Ray Sorrow for taking time to provide the information for this profile.  I am interested in learning about fans of the industry.  It is always good to have a Georgia native like Norko or myself checking out South Atlanta Wrestling.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wrestling T-Shirts

WWE recently did a list of the Top 15 wrestling t-shirts of all-time.  In honor of that list, which I will be posting and analyzing this week, I have uploaded pictures of some of my wrestling shirts.

They are on the SAW Facebook page and can be accessed at the link below:

Here is just a little taste of the cool, horrible, awesome, tacky, etc. shirts I own.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

WCW Nitro: Faces of Fear vs American Males

Haven't done one of these random match posts in a while, but I guess I was on a Dungeon of Doom kick after the Kamala post yesterday. There are a lot of fun bits of nostalgia here.
  •  What a contrast in styles you get here. I don't mean so much from the work in the ring, but from a gimmick standpoint. You have Riggs and Bagwell doing the pretty boy thing against two absolute maulers like Meng and Barbarian.
  • I had forgotten about that American Males theme and it really is something.  
  • That kick Meng throws is wicked looking.
  • This all takes place during that period where the whole, "Who is the next member of the nWo going to be?" thing is taking place.  It made for good intrigue and the segment where the American Males settle that is a fairly memorable one.  Of course it gives us Buff Bagwell too which was a vast improvement over this character in my opinion.  I thought Riggs was underutilized fwiw.  I did enjoy him in Raven's Flock.
  • Look how effective a good manager can be!  I don't know why WWE has shied away from using managers so long.  They are an excellent part of the product when done right.  Just think what NWA WildSide without Jeff G. Bailey would be like.
  • It is funny looking back on this clip when you realize what they payoff is for the Piper/Bischoff angle.  When they revealed the truth on Nitro it was a WOW moment.  I wasn't as huge a fan after the turn, but the segment where "Hot Rod" revealed that Bischoff was nWo was expertly done.
  • As I always say when I discuss them, "The Faces of Fear were a really great team and should have been used better." 

Upload Credit: nWoClassics

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kamala and Wrestler's Rescue controversy

DOT NET noted today that Kamala the Ugandan Giant is claiming that he has not received funds from MWF or Wrestler's Rescue in spite of those organizations holding fundraisers in his name.

Much like the Team Ambition nonsense, I would certainly hope there is some legitimate reason or misunderstanding between Kamala and these two groups.  Jason Powell hits it on the head when he says this below:
If not, I certainly hope there will be some type of criminal investigation. A number of wrestlers have donated their memorabilia to Wrestler's Rescue and many people have spent good money with the belief that it was going to help a good cause.
 I think that we would all heartily agree on that point.  It is also important to note that it is nice to see wrestlers and the wrestling community rally around one of their own in a trying time like this.  

Jason Powell goes on to give you a couple of ways to contact and help Kamala if you have a desire to do so:
You can email him at to know that you are for sure contacting him and donating to him directly. His mailing address is Giant Kamala P.O. Box 235 Como, MS 38619. He loves to hear from his fans. Thanks a lot.
If you would like to hear from the man himself, the following video was embedded in DOT NET's article.

Let's take a moment to also acknowledge that I find it amusing how Kamala refers to those two organizations, "no good." The delivery is priceless and his message seems heartfelt. As I have mentioned before, I wish nothing but the best to him as he deals with these serious issues.

UPDATE: MWF has responded on

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