Saturday, June 30, 2012

Teddy Long next interim GM

As you can see in the video above, Teddy Long will be the interim GM for next week's RAW and SmackDown. I share this for two reasons. The first being that I like Teddy Long. I remember him fondly from his time as a referee back in the NWA days and as a manager for such acts as Doom and even Norman the Lunatic. The second reason is to reiterate that I think having the RAW and SmackDown GM position up in the air so soon after WrestleMania is still a mistake. The way the whole thing was handled just smacks of the "nothing really matters" mentality of wrestling booking. There was a definitive (albeit screwy win) by John Laurinaitis at WrestleMania for control of both shows and it should have stayed that way for more than a few months. That being said, it appears part of the 1000th episode push is the naming of a new GM. I do not really care how that person is, but I hope it's a move away from the standard heel GM figure we have seen for so long now (minus Teddy Long of course).

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube channel

Friday, June 29, 2012

CM Punk's DVD set

Per this LordsofPain post, CM Punk recently spoke with the Chicago Tribune about his upcoming DVD set.  Here's what "The Best in the World" had to say about it:
"Obviously, I'm biased but I think mine is the best. Mine starts way different than anyone else's and ends way different than anyone else's."

"Honestly, it was like watching my life flash before my eyes. They used a lot of footage from my early days. Just seeing the whole package put together with people I respect in the industry and have known my whole life talking about me, it seemed weird. It felt like I was at my own funeral. You get a perspective of where I come from, how hard I’ve worked and where I’m at now. It blew me away. There were a couple moments where I was like 'Wow, this is really touching.'"
Other than what Punk has said and Tweeted about the set, I have not seen much information out there about it.  This article mentions that it is tentatively titled "Best in the World," is due out in October and will also have a Blu-ray release.

Like most wrestling fans I'd imagine, I am pretty stoked about this release.  I hope it lives up to the hype.  I had heard in the past that it will definitely touch on the 2011 Money in the Bank PPV which should be fascinating to see as that and the "pipebomb promo" on RAW were the genesis of CM Punk as an honest to goodness top of the card guy in WWE.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cena's comments edited from RAW replay

According to DOT NET reader, Joe, some of John Cena's promo was removed from a replay of RAW.
WWE removed John Cena's "fudging" comment and his claim regarding Raw's average viewer being nine years-old from the replay that aired on Mun2
I think that's a good idea for the same reason Jason Powell mentioned in that article:
The PG mention and the nine year-old comments caught me by surprise. After all, what teenager wants to feel like they're watching a show that caters to nine year-olds? 
Hopefully this is only the start and we'll soon have all of John Cena removed from the initial RAW broadcast.  Hey, a wrestling fan can dream right?

Thanks again to Jason Powell and (DOT NET) for posting this note.

nWo Randy Savage figure covered on

Stopped by today as I often do and they had posted the linked article. featured the first ever nWo Mattel figure of Randy Savage on their site today.

Even cooler is that has a subsection used to promote all of their Mattel series.  It can be found below: WWE Mattel

It only makes sense for both WWE and Mattel to do this.  I was always big on the WWE Jakks figures, but Mattel has blown them out of the water. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FFA: Mad Men

I am very late on this bandwagon but if you are not watching Mad Men on AMC, you should.

One reason is the setting which is NYC's Madison Avenue in the 60's. The show's setting also gives you the opportunity to see the fashions and customs of the era.  It really is a stylish show.  One of my co-workers said that they even film it using techniques from that era to give it a more authentic 60's television era look. 

The main thing about Mad Men is that it is thoroughly engrossing.  It never feels like it's about the big moments (although there are some), but you still just want to look in on the lives of the characters.  Don Draper is a fascinating lead and John Hamm plays the character perfectly.  I told my wife that it always fascinates me when Don does certain things because you never really grasp what his motivation is.  He's a complicated character and I think John Hamm pulls it off perfectly. 

The rest of the cast is excellent as well.  John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks and Vincent Kartheiser are especially strong in their roles.  Honestly, there is no one on that show that feels out of place to me.  They all bring quality work to their characters and that helps to draw you into their world.

If you are like me and afraid the show won't live up to the hype, I can just about promise you it will.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RAW Thoughts: Sheamus, Contract on a Pole and more

Last night's RAW did not do much at all for me, but there were a couple of noteworthy things I saw discussed last night.
  1. Contract on a Pole--Two issues with this finish.  The first and most obvious one was that there was no finish.  Ending a match with a World Heavyweight Title shot on the line with a promo?  That is the definition of weak.  The second issue is that I felt the whole aspect of Ziggler "not controlling" the contract was handled clumsily.  The announcers could have saved this with a better explanation up front or had they spoken with more authority as it played out.  They did neither and it hurt the match in my opinion.
  2. Sheamus' motivation--One issue I heard from the IWC was that it made no sense for Sheamus to taunt Ziggler and Del Rio with the triple threat match news.  The line of thinking goes that a triple threat is a disadvantage for the champion and that as champion Sheamus should not want that.  I will grant you that this is very true, but to me this fits the Sheamus character perfectly.  Sheamus is a big, tough, confident son of a gun who wants to get in there and mix it up.  I have zero problem with him looking forward to the fight and defending his gold in a scenario that puts him at a disadvantage.  As I wrote this it dawned on me that he could actually be described a bit like movie Thor from "Thor" and "The Avengers."  He revels in battle and does not lack in confidence in the least.  That aspect worked for me.  Him saying he was talking to Ziggler's "granny" in the back was fun too, fella.
  3. Sycho Sid--I am really digging the build to the 1000th episode.  So far the best part of it has been seeing old stars of RAW returning.  It is nice to see guys like Vader and Sid get at least one more moment in the sun and the crowd seems to enjoy it as well.  Sid looked great for his age.  While I know he wouldn't make even a part-time return, I felt his age actually made the gimmick work a bit better.  He looks more legitimately grizzled, insane and dangerous to me.
  4. John Cena's Star Wars promo--Cena is awful on the mic and I am not going to bother explaining it at this point.  His goofy act is terrible and needs to go away.  He does absolutely nothing for me as the Face of the WWE.
  5. Jericho's return--It was fine.  I hated the promo they showed as he interrupted Cena.  It seemed completely out of place to show that vignette there.
All-in-all, another lackluster RAW from what I saw.  We got through this every year, but this time it seems like a bigger post-WrestleMania letdown than usual.  Hopefully "business will pick up" as JR would say as we head towards episode 1000.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Perry Saturn talks drugs, his disappearance and more

Wrestling Observer posted a recap of Perry Saturn's recent interview with The LAW. Saturn talks about his drug issues, his disappearance, his final days in WWE, Benoit and more.
On his drug issues:
I was such a bad drug addict, I don’t remember decades. I was recently at the WWE training center, I was watching some matches with Shaul Guerrero, Eddie Guerrero’s daughter. There was a match with me and Eddie, and I won the European title from Eddie. I can’t ever remember being European Champion. I have no idea who I lost the belt to or anything. Decades where I was screwed up on drugs, and all that time I don’t have a memory, or a very clouded memory that I can’t piece together.
 It is always a shame to hear this, but this really gets to me because Saturn was one hell of a worker in WCW.  His tag team with Raven was awesome and I thought he was great in that TV title realm and could have done even more.  I know most think of him as an ECW guy or even his Moppy days in WWE, but to me his best run was in WCW.

He touches on other things in the article such as the Benoit tragedy and the culture in WCW and WWE.  It's worth a look or listen if you are interested in Perry Saturn's journey.

Thanks again to The LAW and the Wrestling Observer for this content.

If you missed it above the Observer's recap is shared below:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Triple H: Warrior COO

It sounds like a bad made-for-TV movie and I guess it kind of is, but I cannot stand the Triple H character right now.  In fairness to Trips, I have never liked him but the current annoyance is with this COO angle.

That aspect of his current gimmick prompted this Tweet to @mjones99 the other day:
The main gripe is the visual of "The Cerebral Assassin" coming down to the ring in his suit and tie with the title of COO.  That's why I titled this post, "Triple H: Warrior COO."  It's because you've got this guy who is part of WWE upper management but can also throw down better than most of the roster.  It is silly to me to give him an on-air position like that when it is completely unnecesary.  

Related to the point above, I do not care for the idea that GMs and other authority figures are also active in-ring competitors.  It is one thing for an authority figure to take bumps, but I prefer to keep those individuals out of matches.  Also, the whole structure of the on-air WWE authority figures raises some logical questions.  It makes a viewer wonder, "Well if Triple H can void Lesnar's deal then why can't he void Show's?"  That is one minor example, but it opens up the line of thinking that plagued TNA's "power for control" angles.

Again, I am no fan of authority figures at this point, but the whole thing only gets worse when you have multiple authority figures who can overrule each other.  It is easy to wrap your mind around the fact that there is an authority figure (usually a heel) that has full power to run the show.  Once you introduce others it just waters down the concept and opens up the issues logical inconsistencies mentioned above.

Ultimately, the biggest issue for me is that authority figures just aren't entertaining anymore.  It's the curse of Mr. McMahon I suppose, but it feels like we are going to be stuck with these ridiculous characters from here to eternity.

How would I tweak Triple H.  I would get rid of the COO title for one.  Secondly, I would not have him come to the ring in suits either since it just does not fit his gimmick (excepting his Evolution run, mind you).  Lastly, since you have acknowledge Triple H as a McMahon I think you can have him defend WWE just the same without the silly on-air title.

It is entirely possible that I have spent entirely too much analyzing Triple H: Warrior COO.  This wouldn't be the first time this has happened, but the character really does bother me.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

5 Years Ago....

Tomorrow will mark the 5 year anniversary of the Chris Benoit murder-suicide. 

Looking back, Benoit was one that had an immediate impact for me as a fan, when I saw him on an early episode on WCW Monday Nitro and he was making his debut again Eddie Guerrero and the intensity that followed.  I had known about him and have saw some of his matches prior to this, but it was this match and that particular powerbomb that he gave Guerrero just hit me and I was a fan.

I didn't think a few years later he'd would go on to become a main event guy who would go on to headline Wrestlemania XX.  That match would be THE match on the show.  I remember how excited we were when he got Triple H in the Crossface and screaming at the TV for him to tap.  And how excited everyone was when he eventually did tap.  We were happy, this was a guy who, along with Guerrero, would never thought that they would reach the pinnnacle of the business, winning the World and WWE titles, becoming the guy that leads the company.  It was such a happy moment....

Then came that fateful Sunday.....

It was just before a PPV, he was not there due to a "family emergency".  I had hoped for the best, hoped he and his family were going to be ok.  Then came word all had passed.  At this point, with Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero passing prior, I had become relatively numb to wrestlers I like passing at a young age.

The next day, RAW was cancelled and they did a tribute to him.  During that, word started to trickle down of the details of what actually happened and you had the wrestlers giving their comments on it.  Many of whom were shocked by it. 

On Tuesday's ECW, if memory serves correctly, they ran their regular show, but to open it, Vince McMahon came out and mentioned because of what was released,

And since then, they haven't.

To be honest.  To this day it still shocks me.  I haven't watched a full Benoit match since that tragedy.  He was a talented performer, could be considered one of the best of all time, but it's hard to separate the man from his work.  And at this point its probably the only way I would watch, and now, it's still kinda hard to.  But others who can and that's their perogrative.

If there is something that can be a positive that has come from all of this it's this.  It's has brought the subject of concussions to the forefront of sports and sports-entertainment.  Look at the NFL and how they're acting upon the subject.  And taking away guys getting chairshots to the head have been a positive.  That's not needed.  Wrestlers can still tell their epic stories, fans can still be wooed, all the good things that can come from wrestling can still be done without doing things like chairshots to the head.  It's just sad it took a tragedy like this for it to come to the forefront.  But if it prevents another from happening, then there's that to be content with.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WWE on Netflix Watch Instantly

This has been discussed before on SAW, but one of the best things about the Netflix Watch Instantly service is the availability of WWE content.

Three more have just been offered on there per this DOT NET story:
  • The Best of WCW: Clash of the Champions
  • WWE Best of Raw and SmackDown 2011
  • WWE You Think You Know Me? The Story of Edge
As a huge WCW fan I certainly appreciate Shore's sentiment in that article as well:
You should watch the Clash of the Champions DVD if for no other reason than to hear a young Jim Ross and a much older Gordon Sole call a match. That's wrestling commentary folks.
 I could not agree more.  That is especially true of the BOLDED part.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cyndi Lauper's return to WWE

Cyndi Lauper made her triumphant return to WWE on last night's RAW.  The whole segment was, as my cousin put it, "awkward."  While "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has clearly lost his fastball over the years, it's always good to see ol' Hot Rod.  It should be noted that he wasn't bad last night and he was damn good in that skit with AJ and Daniel Bryan just a bit ago.  Anyway, Heath Slater does a surprisingly good job playing the foil in this segment.  I think "The One Man Band" may have a decent career ahead of him to be honest.  I wish they had kept "Southern" in his name though.  Layla is absolutely beautiful and the accent only enhances her appeal.  Wendi Richter?  I guess it's always good to see a WWE HOFer....

Anyhow, if you didn't see the segment last night check it out below:

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube channel

Monday, June 18, 2012

Where was Randy Savage?

No, this is not an offshoot of that overrated internet meme. This is actually pretty awesome if you ask me.

Long story short, a member of the Wrestling Classics board noticed that misidentified the location of the Randy Savage photo shared below.  The discussion, speculation and research that ensued has been fascinating.  Take a look when you have a minute as I do not believe you will be disappointed.

WCMB: Can you identify the where and when of this Randy Savage photo?

Photo Credit: WWE

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pro Wrestling Insider cover history

PWI has a really cool feature on their site. You can view old PWI covers at the following link:

PWI: Wrestling Cover History

Simply choose the year, find the cover and click for a larger picture. This should be an excellent time-waster for any old-school wrestling fan. This Horsemen one has a great picture.

Photo Credit:, Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bound for Glory series

DOT NET posted the 12 entrants for TNA's Bound for Glory series.

-Samoa Joe
-Bully Ray
-Mr. Anderson
-Robbie E
-Kurt Angle
-A.J. Styles
-Rob Van Dam
-D'Angelo Dinero
-Jeff Hardy
-Christopher Daniels
-James Storm

Not a bad lineup and the concept itself is pretty cool.  In theory, it should give more gravity to any match these guys are involved in.  Now I know how that often works, but if used properly this could get more heat on these guys as well as anyone they interact with.

As Jason Powell points out, James Storm has to be considered the favorite to win this thing.  He would be the right choice.  I think that Storm as a face champion is a winning idea.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

NWA Smoky Mountain

If you're a regular listener of the A1 Podcast you know that I'm a fan of NWA Smoky Mountain.  I think they're one of, if not the top promotion of the current NWA. 

Now I'm sure many of you are going, why?  Their talent, outside of Chase Owens, isn't up to par with some of the other NWA promtions.  That may be the case, but one of the thing about a great promotion is booking with what they have and making their talent look good.

NWA Smoky Mountain does that, they work with what they have and make a great show out of it. 

That's one of things, when looking at independent promtions, you can't look at it as whether or not its WWE level in terms of talent, because 9 times out of 10, they're not, but its how they use what they have is what counts.  It's what made ECW great, because once many of the talent left ECW, they weren't as good as maybe they were presented. 

Back to NWA Smoky Mountain.  They do a tremendous job of telling the story with what they have, and, with such a short window on their TV show, only having 30 minutes to tell what they tell and plug their upcoming shows and all that. 

I've seen it with other promotions, it's hard to do when you have talent that has to travel in from other cities that may not necessarily be close to where the promotion is based, nevertheless, there's a story that has to be told.  To get the fans to care about the characters and all that.  I'll present to you the episode from June 9th.  They're promoting two big events, one features a main event that has Tony Givens, Chris Richards, Robbie Cassidy, and Legit Dynamite vs Keith Knox, Jeff Connoly, Josh Crawford, Big Daddy Freddy and Robbie Kinevil in a War Games match.  The other one later the coming week is Davey Richards and Tony Kozina vs Chase Owens and Ricky Morton.  The latter seems pretty random, but how they're promoting it, "Past, Present, Future" makes me want to actually see this.

Give it a chance.  Without further ado...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sting: TNA's first Hall of Famer

It was announced at Slammiversary that Sting would be the first member of TNA's Hall of Fame.  Obviously, the Stinger is deserving of the honor.

TNA did a good job with this hype video for his induction as well.  While not a huge fan of TNA, it was a thrill to go up to Duluth, GA and see Sting win the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory 2007.

He will always be known as one of WCW's biggest stars, but he did carve out a niche as TNA's first legend as far as I am concerned.

Congrats Sting.  "It's Showtime, folks!"

Upload Credit: TNAwrestling

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WWE continues to tinker with Tensai

After his "HOSS BATTLE" loss to Sheamus last night on RAW, Tensai destroyed his worshiper Sakamoto.  As you may or may not recall, I was not a huge fan of Tensai as he was initially presented.

Assuming Sakamoto is dropped altogether they will have changed three of my main gripes with the character (Sakamoto, Name and Look).  Actually, I guess it is 2.5 of them as the in-ring gear has not changed.

Going forward I will be interested to see how long they will let this gimmick drift at sea.  It seems that some on A1, WCMB and DOT NET were encouraged by the new direction.

Encouraged isn't the word I would use, but it was clear to me it was not working.  Due to that I am glad to see WWE Creative continue to massage the gimmick.

Updated as I forgot they had dropped 'Lord' from his name.  Thanks to A1 poster, Zandrax, for catching that.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Three hour RAW with a job evaluation

Tonight's RAW will be a three hours and is being anchored by "The Return of Mr. McMahon" and the job evaluation of John Laurinaitis.

I have shared this recently, but I am beyond tired of WWE (and wrestling promotions in general) focusing so heavily on ownership struggles, heel authority figures and business issues.  To me, these types of storylines are 100% played out.  I will never argue that we need to transition to an EVOLVE style setup with standings, points, etc. that revolves simply around the in-ring action.  Not by a long shot.  My perspective as a fan is to focus on storylines, characters and feuds more than the in-ring action.

Basically, I enjoy the drama aspect of wrestling, but this particular type of storyline has worn out its welcome.  It just is not clever any longer and WWE (and TNA even) need to realize that the days of Austin/McMahon are over.  Quit trying to recapture that moment.  That worked because it was different, exciting and unexpected.  Also it worked because of great work out of both of those men.  Everything since then has been derivative and pales in comparison. 

Wrestling does not need to reinvent the wheel.  I think an old-school approach would benefit the promotions of today, but they do need to put this type of storyline on a long hiatus in this fan's opinion.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Hulk Hogan's short-lived feud

Interesting to hear these guys tell different sides of this story.  With Hogan involved it certainly is not shocking that his story differs from another wrestler's.  Of course, it's not like any of these guys are trustworthy when discussing their own careers.  I love the Jake "The Snake" Roberts character, but obviously he has a ton of issues outside the ring as well.  The shame of it is that I think it is pretty clear he has a good mind for the business.  For all Jake accomplished it should have been more.

Upload Credit: Stamatis57

Friday, June 8, 2012

Christian Cage returns to TNA

For one night only former NWA World and current WWE Intercontinental champion, Christian Cage, will return to TNA Wrestling.

DOT NET has Dixie Carter's full statement and points out that it is slightly confusing. The assumption is that Christian will appear at the Slammiversary PPV. It is also speculated that this is related to the deal WWE and TNA came to over allowing Ric Flair to appear at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony when the Horsemen were inducted.

Of course the IWC is full of jokes, but I think it's a cool thing to see. Hopefully the fans in attendance enjoy his appearance and I hope the Christian himself enjoys visiting his old stomping grounds.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New WWE Title belt?

Check out this pic on DOT NET from

It is reportedly part of a new WWE Title. If so, I'm glad they are finally retiring the Spinner. There has been speculation that this is a side plate as opposed to the main plate. Even if it is the main plate, I think it is an improvement.

Upload Credit: DOT NET courtesy of Belt Talk

BSW: Saturday 6:05

This is one of my favorite Barber Shop Window shirts. Why? It takes me back to those days of my youth, sitting around all day on Saturday just waiting for the NWA to show up on TBS. That show is what got me into wrestling. Dad watched every week (Blame Dad) and it was part of our routine to flip it over to the SuperStation, channel 17 out of Atlanta, GA (Blame Ted Turner) and see the stars of the NWA (Blame Ric Flair).

Honestly, that is one of the things that makes me miss WCW the most.  The show was no longer what it was obviously, but at least the 6:05 on Saturday tradition still lived.  Actually, did they cancel this before WCW went under?  It seems they may have dropped it at the end.  Either way, the tradition died at some point and I still miss it.  At least for now I have the RAW and SmackDown replays on UniversalHD to give me my Saturday night wrestling fix.  It still isn't the same though.

My only gripe with this shirt is that I think it sounds better if it's 6:05 Saturday.  I know you don't get the Biblical/Austin 3:16 reference that way, but I think it sounds better.

That, of course, is a minor complaint and the folks at BSW have delivered the goods once again.

Upload Credit:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cena and Cole main event on RAW

You should probably realize by now that I thoroughly enjoy reading Jason Powell's Hitlist on DOT NET.  It is something I look forward to after every RAW so I can see how his perspective on the show compares to mine.  Well, he listed the John Cena vs Micahel Cole main event in the Miss section and I agree 100%:
WWE had lousy ratings last week so they assumed Cena beating up the heel announcer might keep viewers watching. They might even be right. However, I would not call watching Cena strip Cole to his underwear, slathering him with JR's BBQ Sauce, and beating him up a reward for the viewers.
It astonishes me that a company as successful as WWE thinks that this over-the-top goofiness is good business.  Beyond the fact that the Michael Cole heel gimmick is a a) tired and b) completely inconsistent since WrestleMania 27, it is just a ridiculous segment.  Even if I hated Michael Cole's character there was nothing entertaining or satisfying about watching him get stripped down, covered with BBQ sauce and then sprayed with a fire extinguisher.  I know many disliked the "bullying" aspect of it.  I don't care about that at all.  Due to the nature of Cole's character it does not bother me to see John Cena embarrass him.  What does bother me is that you essentially did the same thing in the Laurinaitis/Cena match at Over the Limit.  Moreso, it is not entertaining in the least. 

Ultimately, I am part of the problem, we are part of the problem.  Many, including myself, thought it was hilarious when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin assaulted Mr. McMahon in his hospital room.  We also found it amusing when he soaked him with the beer truck.  It was even funny when Kurt Angle did the same with the milk truck.  Our reaction to those skits encourages WWE Creative to go back down that road.  It is beyond tired at this point though.

It is amazing to see a company that was so hot with the return of The Rock and Brock Lesnar put on shows highlighted by John Cena embarrassing Michael Cole.  It really is baffling.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Figures: Mattel WWE Elite Series 16

Mattel has been "doing work" since they obtained the WWE license.  Elite Series 16 is one of the best lineups they've had in a long time too.

The crown jewel of this line is CM Punk with his original "Best in the World" shirt.  It also includes the following WWE Superstars and Legends.
  • Ezekiel Jackson
  • Heath Slater
  • The Rock
  • Randy Orton (w/ beard)
  • Diesel
  • Kevin Nash
 I have not seen the Kevin Nash figure yet.  Unfortunately, it sounds like it will not be an nWo version.  That's a fortunate thing for my wallet though as I probably will pass on WWE or WCW Kevin Nash if he is not in nWo, Wolfpac or Outsiders gear.

The whole line looks solid and I may pick up three different figures from it.  That hasn't happened since I purchased both Road Warriors and "Stone Cold" Steven Austin from Mattel's WWE Legends Series 1.

Can't wait to get my hands on some of these.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

FFA: SEC Football Permanent Rivalries

As a Southern Man, I have a hard time even tagging anything SEC Football related as an FFA topic.  Since it's not wrestling related I will do so.

Here are the permanent rivals for the SEC going forward with the SEC West team on the left:
  • Alabama/Tennessee
  • Auburn/Georgia
  • LSU/Florida
  • Mississippi State/Kentucky
  • Ole Miss/Vanderbilt
  • Texas A&M/South Carolina
  • Arkansas/Missouri
I am glad that they have decided on the 6-1-1 setup as it allows us to retain some important rivalries like BAMA/Tenn and Auburn/UGA.  I also see great potential in the new rivalries of A&M/SCar and Arkansas/MIZZOU.

The SEC was great as it was, but I love the additions of the Aggies and Tigers.  The best just got a little better in my opinion.

Roll Tide, Roll!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Paul Heyman's Twitter rant

Paul Heyman has an interesting Twitter account (@HeymanHustle) and went on a rant yesterday.  A PWTorch reader named Ronnie Allen put it in a PDF.

I saw TH of The Wrestling Blog (@tholzerman) mention it on Twitter.  I saw the PDF link over on WCMB.

Give it a look, it really is fascinating.  For example....
I'm working with these legends, these giants of the industry, these absolute top guys in my 20s ... In today's system, most super talented people spend a great portion of their 20's just trying to make it onto the main roster ... ... and yes, that has to change ...
Check the rest out here:

Paul Heyman - TheHustle.pdf courtesy of PWTorch and Ronnie Allen.

Also, I once mentioned on Twitter (@mckinneydg) that a young Paul Heyman looked a bit like Michael Keaton and he responded with, "I'm Batman!"  Too funny.

WWE '13 Trailer

I posted this already, but here is the trailer in all of its embedded glory.  I am not 100% sold on the WWE Attitude Era focus, but the game looks as good as ever.  I will be doing more in-depth previews as it gets closer.

It is due to be released on 10-30-2012.

Upload Credit: THQ's WWE site

Triple H: The Worst?

According to David D. with The Smoking Section he is. I find it pretty difficult to disagree with this.

Here's the article:

The Smoking Section: 10 Examples Of Triple H Being The Worst Thing To Happen To Wrestling

I'm not going to steal David's thunder and recap all 10 examples he gives, but I am going to absolutely harp on one of them.  That is the burial of Booker T at WrestleMania 19.  He could not be more correct in his analysis.  Now in the interest of full disclosure I am a huge fan of Booker T dating back to his Harlem Heat days.  Booker being on top at the end of WCW was one of the absolute highlights for me of their dying days.  Triple H has always been a guy that I thought was overrated.  Over time I really grew to despise Triple H the same way I did Hollywood Hogan in WCW.  It was no longer heel heat, it was, "Please get off my TV you are really ruining my enjoyment of this show" heat. 

That being said, the Booker T situation was most egregious due to how they built the feud.  Basically, they got a bit racial with it.  Which, while not really OK, would have been more OK had Booker come out on top.  In this day and age, there is no reason why the heel with apparent racist tendencies should come out on top.  The only way it is slightly acceptable to even skirt that line is if you are going to have Booker T show that he really is the better man.  What did WWE do?  They had Trips go over dead in the center of the ring.  If I recall correctly, I think he finished Booker with a single Pedigree.  It was beyond ridiculous.

To me, that was the absolute worst of Triple H and WWE.

As for the rest of David's article, he mentions the Orton and Punk burials, the Steiner feud, the DX reformation among other things.

The odd omission is the treatment of Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho or even the Dusty Finish on RAW against Jericho.  I was shocked that neither of those events were listed in the article. 

The strangest thing about Triple H?  It's crazy to think that the one midcarder he really put over in a big spot was...Chris Benoit.

It's Friday!

I'm actually off today anyway, but I hope everyone else finishes their week out on a high note.  Anyone remember this?  It's the intro to Pro Wrestling This Week with Gordon Solie and Joe Pedicino.  I hate to say that I do not specifically remember this show or theme, but here it is.  I love how YouTube is good for finding these little pieces of wrestling history.

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