Saturday, December 22, 2012

WCMB solves a mystery

I think this is my favorite post on Wrestling Classics Message Board since I started visiting the site.  The huge pictures thread has been mentioned here before too, but this one is just slightly better.


Here is the background of the request from WCMB's The Following Contest.
The WWE website says St. Louis' Busch stadium in 1991. Except Busch didn't look like that and Savage wasn't dressing like that in '91.

Given his bare waist, body language and attire, I'm guessing late summer/fall of '87.

State fair? Anybody got a guess?
The thread started in June of 2012 and finally we got what appears to be a correct answer in December of 2012. WCMB's Grobbit finally delivered the correct answer. I don't want to steal his thunder so check out the thread to see the answer.

Threads like that are what makes Wrestling Classics such a great place to visit for wrestling fans.

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