Monday, December 31, 2012

Shady Promoter, Jeff Katz??

One of the things the plague the independent wrestling industry are shady promoters.  They promise one thing and many many times don't deliver on them.  Things such as promoting "former WWE stars" like Doink and the Patriot and having joe-smoe play them instead of the actual guys who played them come in and work the show. 

Now, why do I mention Jeff Katz in the title?  Well, it looks as if he's, sadly, another one of those promoters, this time ripping off the fans for over 100,000 dollars worth on Kickstarter.  For those not familiar with Kickstarter, it's a website that creators can go to and appeal to fans to help fund projects.  Wrestling Retribution Project was one of those.  Mr. Katz went to Kickstarter to appeal to fans to help fund his promotion and those who pledged a certain amount would get extra goodies such as DVD's and what not. 

That was in 2011.  Since then only a trailer has been released and nothing else.  And Mr. Katz hasn't been answering questions regarding it since then.   Some fans have begun to wonder where is the product.  User Krispy Kristofferson has gone on YouTube to document the whole history of the project to this point.

Many wrestling fans counted on the fact that this guy has a history in production and that he wouldn't be a shady promoter, sadly, it looks as if he's just as shady as the ones in bumble-frick Alaska.

There's rumors rumbling that it apparantly cost more than the original 100, 000 dollars that was originially estimated.  Well, if he had been honest with the fans, they may be more forgiving, but it's looking like they got ripped off sadly.


  1. There's a webseries on youtube of a in-universe tie-in show, but it's still no WR. Shame that it probably won't happen, because it really was a great idea.

  2. I liked the concept, not sure of the execution, would have to see for myself, but I would've definitely given it a shot had it actually been released.

    I know with Kickstarter, if the set goal isn't met, people don't pay, but what about someone who doesn't deliver, is there a time frame where something could be done?