Saturday, December 29, 2012

MMA: Jamie Varner hits Melvin Guillard with "White Noise"

I don't know how many people who read SAW follow MMA, but I was watching UFC on FX earlier tonight and the ending of the Jamie Varner/Melvin Guillard fight was completely insane.

Basically, Varner picked up Guillard and delivered Sheamus' White Noise finisher.  What was really scary about it from the initial camera shot is you could not see how Guillard landed.  He immediately put Varner in a head scissors so it was clear he was fine very quickly though.  On the replay, you can see that Guillard tucks his head as he realizes Varner is going to drop him. 

For the record, I am the definition of a causal MMA fan so I have no opinions or analysis about any of the fights at UFC 155 tonight.  I do enjoy watching from time-to-time though and I'm glad I saw the end of that fight.  If you can, track it down.

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