Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Evolution: Underrated?

I teased this during the It's Friday! thread this week.  I intended to have it done and posted Friday afternoon, but honestly the events in Connecticut that day took my mind away from wrestling and SAW. 

As for the topic at hand though, I wonder if I under-appreciated the stable, Evolution, due to Triple H's involvement in it.

Why would his involvement bother me?  Well, honestly I have never been a fan of "The Game."  Once he became the guy, that indifference intensified into full-blown hatred.  In my opinion he hogged the spotlight and more entertaining acts were pushed aside in order to feed his massive ego.

Why does this matter?  It matters because while a Horsemen-style stable like Evolution should have been a huge hit with me.  As it stood though I never really embraced it.  In my view there were two shining moments of this stable and they share a primary characteristic.  Let's take a look:
  1. Randy Orton being tossed out.
  2. Batista turning on Triple H.
The reason these worked is because in both cases someone had finally gotten over on Triple H.  The Orton feud wasn't nearly as effective as the Batista one, but both clearly went on to be huge stars.  Looking back Evolution had a lot going for it.
  • Triple H was the man (in a storyline sense) at that point.  He was 1980s Flair in the 4 Horsemen.  A great centerpiece to build a glamorous stable around.
  • "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is one of the all-time greats and gave a great Ole Anderson type to the stable.  A grizzled vet who added legitimacy to the stable.  A legitimacy that a group like Legacy would lack.
  • Randy Orton as the brash, hotshot made perfect sense as well.  He was the future yet was already delivering from his first day there.  
  • Batista was obviously the muscle and was fearsome in that role.  Teaming with Flair to win the World Tag Titles was a nice spot for him as well.  He was a great enforcer.  As he left the group he showed himself to be a thinking man's monster at that.
Beyond all of this the group had a great look and really meshed well together.  As I mentioned in the It's Friday! post, the cherry on top of this sundae was that this group had an amazing theme song.  It sounds silly, but that is an important ingredient in their success.

Ultimately I feel like I really missed the boat on this stable as my hatred for Triple H tainted my enjoyment of Evolution.  I think I am going to have to really look at some of their stuff that is out there and see if my opinion changes in the long run. 

We will see.....

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