Thursday, October 25, 2012

WWE '13 Booking rough draft

As I do every year I have started working on my spreadsheet for the new WWE game. The purpose is to help me get and keep my stables, alignments, show rosters, feuds and champions in order. The link below will take you to a rough draft of where I am in this process so far. You will notice that I do not come up with a ton of new ideas. Instead, I prefer to take things I like from the past and present and tweak them how I see fit. The fact that I do this has been shared here before and on Twitter within the last couple of hours. I tagged it #MySecretShame

Does anyone else do anything like this?  Am I the only freak?  Someone has to let me know.


  1. Not only do I do a similar document for WWE related games, but I do one also for the Madden NFL series; tracking my roster, scouting draft picks, draft selections and free agency.

  2. I documented their names on my local copy of the spreadsheet, but I didn't post them because I don't use them for anything other than valets. #HeManWomanHatersClub

  3. Hey man, would you send me a copy of it in and editable spreadsheet format? I'd love to give it a shot myself.