Thursday, August 16, 2012

A1 Podcast: Episode 93

It was my privilege to do another guest spot on the A1 Podcast.  We had a packed show with Joe Dombrowski previewing Prime Wrestling's Wrestlelution 5 and none other than Jimmy Rave talking about general booking principles, his time with Rampage Wrestling and more.

I really had a great time and hope you enjoy the show.  This was the "Booking SAW" related project that was hinted at by us over the last week or so.

The A1 Podcast is a weekly show, if you like wrestling and pop culture I highly recommend it.

Norko's preview does the show more justice so here is that if you need another reason to give it a listen.
Joined by guest panelist FreebirdSTF, a BIG show this week, we talk to Joe Dombrowski previewing Prime Wrestling's Wrestlelution 5 this Sunday on iPPV. And our Prime Cut topic is booking and we have a special guest, former TNA, ROH, NWA Wildside wrestler Jimmy Rave to talk booking and indie wrestling. All that and so much more, you're not gonna wanna miss this one!!!!
Special thanks go out again to our very special guests, Joe Dombrowski and Jimmy Rave.

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  1. It was honestly one of my favorite shows to do. Joe is always a favorite of ours and Jimmy was exceptional.

    For those first time listeners, I'm curious to if Joe did a good job in selling you PRIME wrestling or no?