Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WWE plans for Tyson Kidd

As you probably already know Tyson Kidd qualified for the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank match.  Conventional wisdom seemed to point to Kidd being added as the "Shelton Benjamin" of the match.  You know, he'd be the guy that could do something spectacular for the sake of the match but ultimately not be a factor.

This still may be the case, but I noticed this on Lords of Pain.
A WWE source indicates that there is something big planned for Tyson Kidd. His qualifying for Money in the Bank and the push on RAW last night are apparently the start of something bigger for Kidd.
Now we know that LoP's credibility is lacking even in the world of internet news sites.  Let's look past that for the sake of this discussion though.  It would shock me if this was the case, but stranger things have happened.  I doubt many of us saw Mark Henry getting a legitimate, good-faith, monster push and yet he did.

Ultimately, we will see what happens with Tyson Kidd.  He obviously has the talent, but the question is, "Will WWE get behind this guy?"  Only time will tell...