Saturday, July 28, 2012

SAW heads to NGWA show tonight

The North Georgia Wrestling Alliance (NGWA) is coming to Canton, GA tonight and SAW (myself and Norko) will be there.  According to Norko this will be our first independent show in over seven years.  The last one I recall attending was an excellent NWA WildSide show at the NCW Arena in Cornelia, GA.

Pretty stoked to see some indy wrestling again.  Speaking of NWA WildSide, one of the promoters is Lance Dreamer who was a regular with that promotion back when the South Atlanta Boys used to attend the TV tapings.

Unfortunately, I intended to do more to actually promote this show, but the real world got in my way.  Anyhow, the poster for tonight's show is below.

Photo Credit: Lance Dreamer via Facebook


  1. What's significant about that WildSide show was that it was their final show before it turned into NWA Anarchy. Keep an eye on the blog, exclusive video from the show will be posted.

  2. Yessir, I intended to note that and note that we chose this show because Lance Dreamer reached out to you about it. I would like to get more information about NGWA in general and Dreamer's role in it.

  3. Good show, filled with true professionals. Can't wait until August 25th for their next one.