Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ole's Ouster Part 1: Flair puts over Luger

It is time for another helping of Ric Flair promos here on SAW.  This is another from the epic YouTube series titled Ole's Ouster that has been featured here previously.

"Are you 18? Are you between 18-28?"  Classic "Nature Boy" talking about the Horsemen lifestyle.

Ric putting over Luger and degrading Rhodes, Garvin and Barry Windham is also classic Ric.  His impression of Barry Windham is around 1:40 in and it's pretty funny.  It is funnier when you consider that Barry went on to be one of the greatest Horsemen of all time.  I mean there are people that consider the Windham version of the Horsemen better than the original.  I even used to think that until I got older and realized what Ole brought to the legendary unit.  That being said, "BW" was a great Horsemen.

Enough of me, listen to "Slick Ric" tell a story like only he can.

Upload Credit: soliewrestlingII

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