Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mattel's WWE line at SDCC 2012

I love San Diego Comic-Con in large part because we get to see new WWE figures.  Below is a guide to the coverage I have seen on Mattel's WWE product this year.
What is contained in those links?  I'll give you a couple of personal highlights:
There are some nice Elite figures as well such as Best in the World CM Punk, Kevin Nash (Outsider and Diesel attire, complete with nice looking titles) and a bearded Orton figure.  I had seen those prior to SDCC however.

At this point, I think the two figures I still want to see made the most are Magnum TA and Stan Hansen.  Hopefully we eventually get those out of the WWE Legends line.

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  1. That new Daniel Bryan figure will be on my shelf as soon as it's released! Thanks for posting all of these links!