Monday, July 16, 2012

JBL on being a heel and his neck towel

I caught this on John Layfield's Facebook page and thought it interesting:

Got asked today about the towel I had around my neck when I went to ring, underneath my jacket. The story of this came from a gym in NYC, I was sitting waiting on my wife when I see some guy come in with a cheesy jacket on with a towel underneath. It infuriated me how stupid this guy looked, pure heat.
Then it occurred to me, if this thing got this much heat with me (this out of touch goof) then it was perfect for JBL. I even pointed it out to my wife and said look how stupid that looks and she just laughed, I then told her it was perfect for JBL-and she laughed and agreed.
Being a huge wrestling fan I had always seen the old pics of old wrestlers with the towels, but since it didn't happen anymore than what is more perfect for an out of touch rich guy like JBL to have this towel around his neck thinking he was the modern day Lou Thesz?
The whole key to being a bad guy is never do cool things. If you look at a ring jacket or entrance and think wow that's awesome-then a heel like I was wouldn't want to do it. You want no redeeming qualities and not do anything cool. The key is to be hated and folks to look at you and not think in any way that anything you do is cool.
That towel and jacket was as uncool as you could be and that's why I loved it so much-perfect for JBL
Say what you will about JBL and some of his antics backstage, but it is clear he understood what it took to be a heel. Remember, he was doing this in the post-nWo "cool heel" era. His thought process on this really shows you that he "got" what made a heel and was willing to go all the way with being a guy the fans hated.

I always liked that look for JBL by the way.  It made perfect sense considering his J.R. Ewing gimmick.  He really was a Wrestling God on SmackDown.

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