Monday, July 9, 2012

DDP talks RAW appearance

SAW favorite, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), recently appeared on the Busted Open satellite radio show.  DOT NET has a recap of the interview and it has a lot of interesting information in it for you DDP fans out there.

The main thing I enjoyed was hearing the behind the scenes discussion of his surprise RAW appearance last week.
"No, and you know, people always bust the balls of the booking of WWE. Now, if they just booked me as another one, well then it’s just like Sid and Vader. But Johnny Ace called me up and said, ‘Hey, you want to hit someone with the Diamond Cutter on Monday night?’ I was like, ‘Sure, I’d love to.’

"The whole week I was in Louisville for a horror festival because I do a lot of those because I was Billy Ray Snapper in The Devil’s Rejects. Wrestling and horror just sort of go together. So I’d been working all week, I had to use like 3:30 in the morning to catch the flight to get down there, or I would’ve missed it, but it was worth it.

"So Johnny asked me about that, and then he told me about the Doink thing and I was like, ‘Oh that’s awesome,’ because no one knew about the Doink thing except for me, so that was an awesome secret. The people popped. There was a little bit of, ‘Oh, I thought DDP was going to come out.’ That’s what fans have told me, and then that’s why I think that pop was even better.
He is right that the Doink swerve made the whole thing better.  For one, I had heard the rumors that DDP would be on RAW that night.  I would also agree with Page that delivering a Diamond Cutter was a far more effective way to use him than a full match.  Assuming he could still "go" the Diamond Cutter would have been the highlight of the match anyway. 

Honestly, there is a ton of great information in there from DDP.  So much so that I believe I am going to break this up into a few different parts. 

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