Thursday, July 26, 2012

CM Punk's "turn" on RAW 1000

CM Punk's apparent turn (or whatever it was) on RAW 1000 really could be a game changer for the champ.  He has been treated as one of the big dogs since his epic Money in the Bank performance in front of his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.  The problem was that while he attained that status, WWE neutered the CM Punk character.  There have been discussions on boards such as A1 and WCMB about Punk and how his character has changed since his "pipe bomb."  Let's take a look at that.

I put it like this in a thread on WCMB and reiterated it on A1 recently, "It's not the quantity of the push, but the quality of it."

What do I mean by that?  Basically, I appreciate that Punk has gotten a good-faith push to the top of the WWE card.  I really do.  What I did not care for was that in order to push him to that level WWE watered down his gimmick.  It is like they said, "We'll push him, but only once we force him into this cookie cutter mold of what top face/WWE Champion has to be."

 Essentially Punk got over as a rebellious voice for the voiceless who spoke his mind and did what he felt was right (face or heel).  They then pushed him by doing a bootleg Austin/Mr. McMahon gimmick with John Laurinaitis and stripping all that was good from the gimmick.  Beyond that his feuds with Jericho and Daniel Bryan (which should have been instant classics) were more convoluted than necessary and wore out their welcome far more quickly than they should have.  This is especially true for the Jericho feud, mind you.  The Bryan feud isn't as bad except it came across as a way to get AJ over more so than Bryan, Punk or the WWE Title.

All of these aforementioned issues are why I am excited about the prospect of a heel CM Punk.  The main thing is that I think Punk works better as a heel.  I also think he will be given better material to work with in that role than his WWE Champion, face role.  This change should allow him to regain some of his "cool" factor and add more of an edge to his character.

I certainly hope that a full-on heel character is imminent for Mr. Best in the World.  If it is, I believe we are in for a treat.

By the way, what a great visual captured in WWE's photo above.  

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  1. Great post and commentary!

    I think this version of CM Punk will be based on his initial vision for the character back when he dropped that epic pipebomb last Summer, and that has me very excited about the possibilities.

    I do think he will have a difficult time generating heel heat, but I'm sure he's up to that challenge.

    I love this move, as I've been craving a Punk heel turn for about as long as you've been craving an Orton turn on this site.

    It wasn't done quite the way I envisioned it, but Punk will make it work! I strongly believe that.