Friday, July 6, 2012

Bret Hart: Working Man's Champion

Interesting interview with Bret "The Hitman" Hart here posted on
"The big one was I was never a big fan of the big star on the door dressing room. Warrior had it, Macho Man had it too with Liz, but Liz had to change and it was a different thing with Macho, but I always felt Macho earned it. Hogan had the fruit basket, the flowers and the special room with star on the door too. I always felt Hogan earned it too. I never thought he didn't deserve any of that, he did. I know just when it came to me, you know the limo rides, and the limo service and all that, I didn't want any of that" ... "I want to change in the dressing room with the other wrestlers. I don't need the star on the door, I don't want it. Save the "its all a big show" for somebody else, I don't want it. I was the first champion to refuse that" ... "You see guys like Warrior and Hogan that didn't have the time of day for anybody but themselves. I changed that. I wanted to be not just the peoples champion, but I felt like I was the dressing room champion".
I think it is interesting that Bret felt so strongly about connecting with "the boys" like that. Now it is pretty clear that Bret has an ego on him as well, but it seems like he had a better handle on how to go about his business than many "top guys." I saw it mentioned on a board I frequent recently that part of what made Bret so great was the idea that he was a "working class champion." It appears that at least some of that filtered to his actions in the back as well. I think that is pretty cool. Anyhow, click below to see eight minutes of discussion with the Hitman.

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