Friday, June 22, 2012

Triple H: Warrior COO

It sounds like a bad made-for-TV movie and I guess it kind of is, but I cannot stand the Triple H character right now.  In fairness to Trips, I have never liked him but the current annoyance is with this COO angle.

That aspect of his current gimmick prompted this Tweet to @mjones99 the other day:
The main gripe is the visual of "The Cerebral Assassin" coming down to the ring in his suit and tie with the title of COO.  That's why I titled this post, "Triple H: Warrior COO."  It's because you've got this guy who is part of WWE upper management but can also throw down better than most of the roster.  It is silly to me to give him an on-air position like that when it is completely unnecesary.  

Related to the point above, I do not care for the idea that GMs and other authority figures are also active in-ring competitors.  It is one thing for an authority figure to take bumps, but I prefer to keep those individuals out of matches.  Also, the whole structure of the on-air WWE authority figures raises some logical questions.  It makes a viewer wonder, "Well if Triple H can void Lesnar's deal then why can't he void Show's?"  That is one minor example, but it opens up the line of thinking that plagued TNA's "power for control" angles.

Again, I am no fan of authority figures at this point, but the whole thing only gets worse when you have multiple authority figures who can overrule each other.  It is easy to wrap your mind around the fact that there is an authority figure (usually a heel) that has full power to run the show.  Once you introduce others it just waters down the concept and opens up the issues logical inconsistencies mentioned above.

Ultimately, the biggest issue for me is that authority figures just aren't entertaining anymore.  It's the curse of Mr. McMahon I suppose, but it feels like we are going to be stuck with these ridiculous characters from here to eternity.

How would I tweak Triple H.  I would get rid of the COO title for one.  Secondly, I would not have him come to the ring in suits either since it just does not fit his gimmick (excepting his Evolution run, mind you).  Lastly, since you have acknowledge Triple H as a McMahon I think you can have him defend WWE just the same without the silly on-air title.

It is entirely possible that I have spent entirely too much analyzing Triple H: Warrior COO.  This wouldn't be the first time this has happened, but the character really does bother me.