Monday, June 11, 2012

Three hour RAW with a job evaluation

Tonight's RAW will be a three hours and is being anchored by "The Return of Mr. McMahon" and the job evaluation of John Laurinaitis.

I have shared this recently, but I am beyond tired of WWE (and wrestling promotions in general) focusing so heavily on ownership struggles, heel authority figures and business issues.  To me, these types of storylines are 100% played out.  I will never argue that we need to transition to an EVOLVE style setup with standings, points, etc. that revolves simply around the in-ring action.  Not by a long shot.  My perspective as a fan is to focus on storylines, characters and feuds more than the in-ring action.

Basically, I enjoy the drama aspect of wrestling, but this particular type of storyline has worn out its welcome.  It just is not clever any longer and WWE (and TNA even) need to realize that the days of Austin/McMahon are over.  Quit trying to recapture that moment.  That worked because it was different, exciting and unexpected.  Also it worked because of great work out of both of those men.  Everything since then has been derivative and pales in comparison. 

Wrestling does not need to reinvent the wheel.  I think an old-school approach would benefit the promotions of today, but they do need to put this type of storyline on a long hiatus in this fan's opinion.

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