Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RAW Thoughts: Sheamus, Contract on a Pole and more

Last night's RAW did not do much at all for me, but there were a couple of noteworthy things I saw discussed last night.
  1. Contract on a Pole--Two issues with this finish.  The first and most obvious one was that there was no finish.  Ending a match with a World Heavyweight Title shot on the line with a promo?  That is the definition of weak.  The second issue is that I felt the whole aspect of Ziggler "not controlling" the contract was handled clumsily.  The announcers could have saved this with a better explanation up front or had they spoken with more authority as it played out.  They did neither and it hurt the match in my opinion.
  2. Sheamus' motivation--One issue I heard from the IWC was that it made no sense for Sheamus to taunt Ziggler and Del Rio with the triple threat match news.  The line of thinking goes that a triple threat is a disadvantage for the champion and that as champion Sheamus should not want that.  I will grant you that this is very true, but to me this fits the Sheamus character perfectly.  Sheamus is a big, tough, confident son of a gun who wants to get in there and mix it up.  I have zero problem with him looking forward to the fight and defending his gold in a scenario that puts him at a disadvantage.  As I wrote this it dawned on me that he could actually be described a bit like movie Thor from "Thor" and "The Avengers."  He revels in battle and does not lack in confidence in the least.  That aspect worked for me.  Him saying he was talking to Ziggler's "granny" in the back was fun too, fella.
  3. Sycho Sid--I am really digging the build to the 1000th episode.  So far the best part of it has been seeing old stars of RAW returning.  It is nice to see guys like Vader and Sid get at least one more moment in the sun and the crowd seems to enjoy it as well.  Sid looked great for his age.  While I know he wouldn't make even a part-time return, I felt his age actually made the gimmick work a bit better.  He looks more legitimately grizzled, insane and dangerous to me.
  4. John Cena's Star Wars promo--Cena is awful on the mic and I am not going to bother explaining it at this point.  His goofy act is terrible and needs to go away.  He does absolutely nothing for me as the Face of the WWE.
  5. Jericho's return--It was fine.  I hated the promo they showed as he interrupted Cena.  It seemed completely out of place to show that vignette there.
All-in-all, another lackluster RAW from what I saw.  We got through this every year, but this time it seems like a bigger post-WrestleMania letdown than usual.  Hopefully "business will pick up" as JR would say as we head towards episode 1000.