Monday, June 25, 2012

Perry Saturn talks drugs, his disappearance and more

Wrestling Observer posted a recap of Perry Saturn's recent interview with The LAW. Saturn talks about his drug issues, his disappearance, his final days in WWE, Benoit and more.
On his drug issues:
I was such a bad drug addict, I don’t remember decades. I was recently at the WWE training center, I was watching some matches with Shaul Guerrero, Eddie Guerrero’s daughter. There was a match with me and Eddie, and I won the European title from Eddie. I can’t ever remember being European Champion. I have no idea who I lost the belt to or anything. Decades where I was screwed up on drugs, and all that time I don’t have a memory, or a very clouded memory that I can’t piece together.
 It is always a shame to hear this, but this really gets to me because Saturn was one hell of a worker in WCW.  His tag team with Raven was awesome and I thought he was great in that TV title realm and could have done even more.  I know most think of him as an ECW guy or even his Moppy days in WWE, but to me his best run was in WCW.

He touches on other things in the article such as the Benoit tragedy and the culture in WCW and WWE.  It's worth a look or listen if you are interested in Perry Saturn's journey.

Thanks again to The LAW and the Wrestling Observer for this content.

If you missed it above the Observer's recap is shared below: