Friday, June 1, 2012

Paul Heyman's Twitter rant

Paul Heyman has an interesting Twitter account (@HeymanHustle) and went on a rant yesterday.  A PWTorch reader named Ronnie Allen put it in a PDF.

I saw TH of The Wrestling Blog (@tholzerman) mention it on Twitter.  I saw the PDF link over on WCMB.

Give it a look, it really is fascinating.  For example....
I'm working with these legends, these giants of the industry, these absolute top guys in my 20s ... In today's system, most super talented people spend a great portion of their 20's just trying to make it onto the main roster ... ... and yes, that has to change ...
Check the rest out here:

Paul Heyman - TheHustle.pdf courtesy of PWTorch and Ronnie Allen.

Also, I once mentioned on Twitter (@mckinneydg) that a young Paul Heyman looked a bit like Michael Keaton and he responded with, "I'm Batman!"  Too funny.