Thursday, June 14, 2012

NWA Smoky Mountain

If you're a regular listener of the A1 Podcast you know that I'm a fan of NWA Smoky Mountain.  I think they're one of, if not the top promotion of the current NWA. 

Now I'm sure many of you are going, why?  Their talent, outside of Chase Owens, isn't up to par with some of the other NWA promtions.  That may be the case, but one of the thing about a great promotion is booking with what they have and making their talent look good.

NWA Smoky Mountain does that, they work with what they have and make a great show out of it. 

That's one of things, when looking at independent promtions, you can't look at it as whether or not its WWE level in terms of talent, because 9 times out of 10, they're not, but its how they use what they have is what counts.  It's what made ECW great, because once many of the talent left ECW, they weren't as good as maybe they were presented. 

Back to NWA Smoky Mountain.  They do a tremendous job of telling the story with what they have, and, with such a short window on their TV show, only having 30 minutes to tell what they tell and plug their upcoming shows and all that. 

I've seen it with other promotions, it's hard to do when you have talent that has to travel in from other cities that may not necessarily be close to where the promotion is based, nevertheless, there's a story that has to be told.  To get the fans to care about the characters and all that.  I'll present to you the episode from June 9th.  They're promoting two big events, one features a main event that has Tony Givens, Chris Richards, Robbie Cassidy, and Legit Dynamite vs Keith Knox, Jeff Connoly, Josh Crawford, Big Daddy Freddy and Robbie Kinevil in a War Games match.  The other one later the coming week is Davey Richards and Tony Kozina vs Chase Owens and Ricky Morton.  The latter seems pretty random, but how they're promoting it, "Past, Present, Future" makes me want to actually see this.

Give it a chance.  Without further ado...